Plan your evening. Then get up and have a remarkable day. Oh, wouldn’t that be wonderful? I’ve been having difficulty with my days – most have been disjointed and unproductive. Can you relate?

Some of my disjointed-ness might be attributed to our nomadic lifestyle. We’re sleeping in different beds two or three times a week, and shlepping our stuff from house-sitting, back to the RV, and then onto taking care of dogs at another house. Don’t misunderstand me – I LOVE our experiences. I’m having such fun with soaking in a hot-tub and looking up at the blue sky at one house-sit, (along with cooking in a real oven, and having a washer/dryer at hand!) and loving on two big dogs at the other house-sit.

I thought all this moving about was messing with my productivity during the day – it’s not!

plan your evening even in a move-around-a-lot lifestyle

It occurred to me – it’s not so much what I’m doing during the day that’s the big problem – it’s my evenings!

  • Rob and I are indulging in multiple episodes of Big Bang Theory on video.
  • I’m not watching the time – and go to bed much too late – with my head full of computer or TV stuff
  • Instagram, twitter and other social media are sucking me in and it’s mindless

The evenings are being eaten up by stupid, mindless stuff. Worse yet, none of what I’m doing is preparing me for the day ahead. After an evening of messing-about, I don’t sleep well. And then the next day begins and I’m already at a disadvantage. (sigh) And this doesn’t help Rob or me or anyone else. At all.

Once I came to the realization that the evenings were the problem, I wanted to do something about it! I came across a course called, “Make Over Your Evenings” to plan your evening – and read Crystal Paine’s How to Plan your Evening to Experience a Remarkable Day PINdescription:

A Successful Day Begins the Night Before…

It’s time to stop sleep-walking through life and wake up to the amazing excitement and fulfillment that comes when you follow my simple plan to Make Over Your Evenings.

I decided to invest in her course. 14 Days. 14 Videos. A 59-page digital workbook. It seemed like a do-able investment for a reasonable investment to plan your evening…

And I’ve been working through it.

Plan Your Evening

At first I believed the course would be like making a list and following that list. But it’s so much more. Crystal started off by encouraging me to think about why I want a change… the prompt included these questions:

  • What is the most frustrating thing in my life right now?
  • What is one area that, if changed, would make the biggest impact?
  • What am I struggling with most right now?
  • What drew me to consider starting this course in the frst place?
  • At the end of this course, if I only changed one thing, what one thing would make the biggest difference in my life?

Over the 14 days she had me looking at my calendar, facing my flaws (my greatest is procrastination, if you didn’t already know), deciding how to prep for the day ahead, priortizing what’s really important, and more.

End result?

14 Days of doing things differently in the evening has resulted in remarkable days!

(At the end of this post I have some photos of what Rob and I have been working on! It’s a brand new experience!)

What does my planned evening look like?

Your evenings will look different than mine – especially if you have growing children at home! But here’s a little insight into how I’ve changed my evening, despite our nomadic lifestyle:

  • I no longer join Rob for his nightly Big Bang episode(s) – they weren’t meeting my needs
  • we pray together before we both are in bed, because he goes to bed after I do.
  • the computer is shut down by 8PM & I read before bed – things that will help my mind settle for sleep
  • deciding the priorities for the next day, including making sure we have breakfast planned
  • and more that makes for a better sleep, and a remarkable day ahead

Is it all working well? No. I still struggle with procrastinating, and the time still gets away with me. But it’s only been a few weeks.

And you know what’s different… ?

I have a PLAN!

I think that’s the biggest benefit for me after going through this course – I have a plan to have a better evening. I really, truly understand the deeper reason why I need a plan for my evenings – and that keeps me focused.

No matter where I’m going to sleep (in our little-house-on-wheels, or in a hotel, or taking care of someone’s dogs/home while they’re away), I have a plan for my evening that will start the next day well – wherever I am. Remarkable.

I need more remarkable days in my life… don’t you?

Check out Crystal Paine’s 14-day course to plan your evening, “Make Over Your Evenings” to learn more! 

Yes. I am an affiliate for this course to plan your evening. At no cost to you, I’ll receive a commission if you purchase. I became an affilitate because this product is working for me. It has value – with a 59-page workbook, worksheets included, and videos that are to-the-point. (I’m not a fan of fluff.)

I’ve been sharing what I’m learning with Rob, and it’s one reason we’ve decided to change how we pray in the evening (the timing and intention). Though this course isn’t designed to change your family’s evening – just yours – it’ll have a positive impact on everyone in your family, including your spouse!

What have we been doing since January?

How have our days been remarkable? Well – we’ve been stepping out in faith… even though we’re not pretty TV people… and we’ve been making videos!  For you!  Mid-marriage Encouragement Videos. To learn more, go to our Patreon page! We will be posting one video every week. 

The first part of each video is scripted – and short, usually around 25 seconds. The second half of each video is longer (up to 5 minutes), where we discuss the concept and provide insights and suggestions to challenge you and your spouse to lead a meaningful life! We have 30 videos in the works. We record at YourLocalStudio in front of a green-screen. Then I chose a background (suggestions from Instagram were for us to be in the kitchen!).  I’m learning to edit using Premier Pro, including adding in background music and transitions!

Yes. Our days have been remarkable!  😉  Stay tuned for the release of the first Mid-Marriage Encouragement Video on Tuesday, February 21, 2017!

mid-marriage encouragement videos and learning to edit

Do you have a plan for your evenings?

What do your remarkable days look like?