Your vehicle do more? Yes! Your vehicle can do more than take you from Point A —> to —> Point B.  Your car or truck can do more than be a line item on your budget or another item to clean.

That thing you drive can become a blessing for you and your spouse and others.

Making your vehicle do more!

Rob and I have come to the realization that a vehicle can be much more than a box on four wheels.

Right now our truck is part of our home… we’ll often refer to our time sitting in our “recliners”, looking out the picture window at the world going by, with a mischevious smile and a wink…

You see, we live in our 5th wheel, which is 282 square feet  The truck has become another part of our home as it carries the extras like folding chairs, three different cushions (don’t ask), always a Bible, and extra technology chords. It has a few snacks tucked away, extra work gloves if Rob needs to pitch in and help someone, a blanket or two, two extra pairs of shoes (again, don’t ask) and a few other home-like essentials.

And I take along a few non-essentials, too. In my door is a collection of shells to remind me that the ocean is never too far away.

Now, don’t think the truck is disorganized or “junky”  It is very organized because Rob is in charge!  He’s the neat one in our relationship, so everything has its space and place. He even wrote a post about being neat as a value – about neatness as caring or control.

You can make your vehicle do more than take you down the road…

Yes, our truck is more than part of our home… it’s become a place of refuge. It’s become a blessing for us.

Here are 3 of many ways your vehicle (like ours) can do more and be more…

A vehicle can be a place to pray in private and together.

You know that you can pray anywhere, right? But sometimes we need to take ourselves out of the ordinary, and retreat to a quiet spot. Our truck is that quiet spot.

I like to park the truck by flowing water to talk to my Heavenly Father.  A park with a pond or lake or river or even beside a fountain in a shopping mall has been a spot for me to retreat from the world for a bit. I have my phone with me and can spend time in the Echo app where I record prayer requests from others.

When Rob and I are together we pray before we start driving. We pray for who we going to see, and for the way to get there. We pray for the day. We pray for each other. The truck has become our launching pad of prayer before taking a step into our life.

Do you ever go away to pray in your vehicle? Have you tried the ECHO prayer app? (it’s free)

Your vehicle can be a place to learn and grow.

Podcasts have become a favorite way for me to learn new things. The range and breadth of podcasts available seem to be like the number of different people we meet – limitless! Some of my favorite podcasts are to do with writing and online business, faith, and of course, marriage. 😉 Robert has a podcast he does with other speakers, so of course, I listen to that one too!

And books.  The library is one of our most favorite places to visit, so we always have a book or ten on the go.  I keep a book with me all the time so I have something to read when I’m waiting. With the sun streaming through the windows, or the rain gently tapping on the roof, the vehicle can be a lovely spot to read, learn and grow. Right now I’m reading all the books I can find on gratitude/thankfulness.

When we’re traveling, I even read out loud to Rob from a book that interests both of us.

Do you have podcasts you like to listen to in your vehicle? (Leave a comment, I’m always looking for more interesting things to learn about.)

Your vehicle can be a place for a quiet, intimate conversation with your spouse.

Rob and I have had some deeply important conversations in our truck – life-altering conversations. We’ve also laughed a lot in our truck. When we mentor couples we suggest they use their vehicle while it’s parked in their driveway as a get-away spot if the weather isn’t “outdoor” friendly.

Have a container filled with conversation starters as an easy and free way to get to know each other (again). Lori and Paul over at The Generous Wife have a set of 365 conversation starters that are wonderful if you and your spouse find it difficult to think of things to talk about. (It’s OK – lots of couples find themselves in this spot every so often.)

Have you had any good conversations in your vehicle with your spouse? Sometimes men prefer a side-by-side conversation so a vehicle can be a perfect spot to explore ideas and thoughts.

Because we have a pickup truck, the truck bed is also a great spot to use – star-gazing, reading, and waiting for a train to pass by with the grandboy!

In what other ways do you use your vehicle?

In what other ways do you use your vehicle, other than the obvious way to get from point A to point B?