Marriage today and tomorrow. What does your marriage look like today? And more importantly, what will it look like tomorrow? And the day after that, and after that, and in the next decade or four…

Your marriage today and tomorrow. Who cares?

Some may believe that a marriage only matters to two people. The husband and wife. I don’t agree. A marriage relationship matters to many more people than the two who make a vow.

That’s one reason I welcomed the opportunity to read “Your Marriage Today and Tomorrow” by Crawford and Karen Loritts. A complimentary copy of the book was provided for me to read by the publisher.

A husband and wife team co-authored this book, and it delves into the idea that a marriage has an impact on future generations. Marriage – today and tomorrow.

I’m happy to say that this couple followed through in how they wrote about what intrigued me in the description. It’s a thought-provoking and discussion instigating book.

My suggestion is that “Your Marriage Today and Tomorrow”  is for couples married more than a few years. Not that newlyweds couldn’t glean valuable insights – it’s just that I feel couples who are wading through the weeds might appreciate the long-term thinking behind what the Loritts provide. It makes the reader focus on the big picture.

Rob and I have celebrated our 34th year of marriage. So many times I found myself nodding in agreement at places in the book where it pertained to how our marriage could impact those around us, including our adult children and grandchildren. I even read parts of it to Rob’s dad while we were visiting. He was nodding also.

Your marriage matters to future generations.

Once you’re past the newness of the first few years of marriage, every couple settles into real life. Ah yes. “Real Life” multiplies those personal, less-than-perfect habits.

“A commitment to marriage means a commitment to change.”

“Karen and I stopped pretending that we were more than we are and less needy than the other person.”

To combat our personal habits which could annoy each other and be a negative for future generations learning from watching us, the Loritts suggest pursuing three habits to “reflect God’s purpose and mission for this and future generations.”:

  • to continue to pursue Christlikeness individually and as a couple
  • consistently focus on character and integrity
  • face the reality of our humanity with a willingness to forgive

Practicing these three habits impacts your marriage today and tomorrow.

Chapters 5 and 6 cover the “gifts” every husband and wife need. Again, the ideas in these chapters center around working on our character as partners in life.

The gifts a husband needs from his wife are respect, support, encouragement, loyalty, and confidentiality. The gifts a wife needs from her husband are unconditional love, understanding, provision, protection, trust, and leadership.  Biblical references support every gift. It would be interesting to read through these two chapters with your spouse and discuss each gift as it pertains to your marriage.

Discussion Opportunities

There are questions and concepts at the end of every chapter – talk about these ideas with your spouse and see where it leads you.

Throughout the book are examples and stories from Crawford and Karen’s personal marriage journey. Also included are their adult children’s views. I imagine some of these personal stories will resonate with you and your spouse. Not all of us come from ideal backgrounds in marriage and being Christ-like.

Karen and Crawford Loritts have been married more than 47 years, with 4 married children and 11 grandchildren. Crawford is a senior pastor in Roswell, Georgia and they’re also the co-authors of another book, “Developing Character in Your Child”.

The Great Handoff

“The Great Handoff” is the title of the last chapter in the book, “Your Marriage Today…And Tomorrow: Making Your Relationship Matter Now and for Generations to Come”.  It sums up the Loritts’ belief that marriage is a mission.

“How we face our differences and work through them will, to a large degree, determine the condition of what we place in the hands of the future generations.”

Every marriage impacts the future.

How will your marriage impact others? Read this book and consider the ideas!

How will your marriage impact others today and tomorrow? Your Marriage today and tomorrow by Karen and Crawford Loritts

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