What would you give your spouse, if you could? Maybe your gifts – for an anniversary or any other occasion – are anniversary gifts you can’t buy.

I found this poem in a children’s book and it expressed so beautifully all those gifts we’d like to give to those we love. I wanted to add it to the series of “Encouraging Words For Your Anniversary”:

So much that I would give you

hovers out of my poor giving.

Song within your heart forever,

faith to end all doubt,

and laughter, warm and gold, 

when you begin to grow too serious.

And always near,

the good companionship of trees and birds;

and always, for your beauty-loving ear,

music when you have need of it

and words that pleasure you and rest you, softly spoken.

Unnumbered good days, peace of a starry night,

and love from dawn to dawn that’s an unbroken deep certainty in you…

I have no right to dream of it — but never doubt

I should give you such presents, if I could.

This poem is by Elaine V. Emans titled, “For a Birthday”. When I researched, I couldn’t find a biography but would love to know more about her… Here’s the book in which I found the poem:

Anniversary Gifts You Can’t Buy

Two phrases from the above poem that caught at my heart were:

faith to end all doubt.” and

love from dawn to dawn that’s an unbroken deep certainty in you.” 

The ability to believe in Christ’s priceless and beautiful gift of eternal life can’t be wrapped up like a gift, but we can ask our loving Heavenly Father to influence those we love to know how much He loves all of us. And we can live this faith, and share love in a Christ-like way with our spouse as an example.

What would be on your list of anniversary gifts you can’t buy? 

In addition to all those mentioned in the poem above, I’d add:

  • deep, rejuvenating sleep
  • healthy food when you’re hungry
  • loyal friends
  • hope for the future
  • pause to notice everything to give thanks over – Thanksliving!

What would you add to the list? Leave a comment…

Anniversary Gifts you can't buy - what would you add to the list?


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