What is encouragement and where do you find it? How do you DO encouragement?

Encouragement is so much more than “rah-rah” or a pat on the back.  Consider the word that’s found inside “encouragement”.


Encouragement in the rough spots is worth more than praise in the spotlight.

Encouragement is offering “courage” to the overwhelmed, overcome, overdrawn and overloaded.

Does your spouse ever feel this way?

(What about you? – Have you ever wished your spouse would offer you some encouragement?)

As husbands and wives, as parents, as leaders in our communities, we need to model this encouragement principle.


A drop of encouragement during a time of trial is worth more than a bucket of praise after success.

How do you DO encouragement?

There are five key ingredients to actively encouraging others…

Take a look at our post on LeadLikeJesus.com to learn how to use these 5 ingredients in your leadership – as a spouse, as a parent and in the community…

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How to Incorporate Encouragement Into Your Leadership

how do you DO encouragement - in marriage and life?

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