As a husband or wife you do more than have an intimate, sexual life with your spouse,  raise your children, pay the bills, and live and worship together, don’t you?

Your spouse is also your friend. A real friend.

But what does that mean?

What does it mean to be a real friend?

You might reference neighbors, co-workers, family, employees, church members, classmates, and online acquaintances as “friends”. However I imagine you share your life differently with each category of friend.

Not all labelled as “friend” will know your pain of infertility, or joy at paying off debt. You won’t share your fear of having nothing to do in retirement or excitement over finding the right medication to control your incontinence with everyone. But I hope your spouse hears all these thoughts – and even if that’s not the case right now there’s still time to…

Make your spouse your friend. Work together to be a real friend to each other. What’s a real friend?

Real friends speak the truth in love.

Even when the conversation is going to be difficult – a real friend finds the best time to talk, and a way to phrase the wording so the other feels safe. Read 1Corinthians 13 to learn more about what LOVE means.

Real friends focus on hope for the future.

There’s no giving up to a real friend – they’re always looking for what’s going to be good about the future. They can see all the bad stuff, yet still point at what could be good- soon. Begin your journey with hope here: Romans 15:13

Real friends share their faith in God’s goodness.

A real friend may not be able to fix everything, but they always point to the One who can! David is a great example of always pointing out God’s goodness. Psalm 121

Real friends pray – for & with – each other. 

Prayer is a first-line of defense for a real friend. A real friend prays without being asked and shares in prayer those things which lay heavy and are most important. A real friend never stops praying. Luke 18:1

Real friends lend a hand and help – showing respect.

There are more than empty words in a relationship with a real friend. Solidarity and respect play a part when a real friend lends a helping hand. Sometimes the help given is standing firm – being present. And there are times when a real friend shoulders everything until another solution can be found.  We strive to love like Christ, don’t we? John 15:13

Have courage. Real friends encourage.

Encourage your spouse.

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