Youthful exuberance. Youthful joy. Youthful hope.  Youthful love. When you hear the word “Youthfulness”, what comes to mind? 

Is it unlined faces, and strong bodies? Yes. Perhaps.

But haven’t you met people in their seventies and eighties who have the spirit of youthfulness running through their conversation and their perspective? (We have.)

We’ve seen couples who have been married for decades and they still act like they are courting each other. Their relationship shows more than romance…  it’s a spirit of youthfulness found in their desire to be with each other.

We could imagine that they’d only been married for a few years instead of a few decades with their youthful love for each other.

Youthful Love

What are some signs of youthful love?

  • it doesn’t wait till it’s a good time – it grabs every opportunity to show love
  • it deliberately celebrates all the good stuff
  • it uses every energy possible to put something good into the relationship
  • it can’t wait to see the other person, often going out of the way just for a few moments together
  • it overcomes obstacles to make love a priority

When was the last time you showed your affection to your spouse in the same way you did when you were first married?

Yesterday’s Youthfulness = Tomorrow’s Promise

Youthfulness – vigorous and fresh; vibrant; associated with health and physical attractiveness.

If you’ve been married for a few years, have you fostered youthfulness in your marriage? Remember back when you believed you could accomplish anything, if you put your mind to it, and your life was perfect because you found the love of your life?

So what’s changed?

The daily pressures of a job? The responsibility for others (spouse, kids, extended family, etc.)? The normal struggles of life (staying healthy, paying the bills, etc.)? I think singer/songwriter Darryl Worley states it best with his song: Sounds like life to me.

When you first met your spouse, I suspect you didn’t allow “life” to get in the way of enjoying time with each other. So why allow it now?

The secret to youthful love is taking action.

As I referenced in a Values Quote on the Value of Happiness, Benjamin Disraeli clearly stated: “Action may not always bring happiness; but there is no happiness without action.” The same is true with youthfulness.

So – if you’re thinking about doing something special for your spouse, go do it.

  • If you’re considering buying something or planning a surprise for your spouse, go do it.
  • If you have thought of something kind to do for your spouse – go do it.
  • If you feel like giving your spouse a hug and a kiss, go do it. Now.

As an example, Lori and I know a youthful couple married more than 60 years. They don’t hesitate to take action. About 10 years ago, they decided to try something new. They went whitewater-rafting. For the first time. How many couples do you know will attempt whitewater-rafting – in their 70’s? Their shared youthful love is an inspiration for us. What’s neat is that they continue to take action by doing things together.

As my friend Trey Baker often states:

“Action is where the miracle happens.”

This is also true for preserving youthfulness in marriage.

How can the value of youthfulness help improve your marriage and the lives of others?

the secret of youthful love is action


I’m putting these posts – “A to Z” Values – all under the FAMILY portion of this site. Why? Every one of these Values words will be a blessing to each spouse – but more than that… they’ll benefit your whole family!

Imagine if you nurtured a youthfulness in your marriage – that youthful love – what kind of impact will that have on your family? On your children? I’m guessing that your children and family will only benefit as they watch the two of you loving and living life while keeping your relationship a first and foremost priority.

This is an Instagram challenge for July 2016 – A to Z and a few numbers… check out our Instagram account!

The posts in this series can be found on the PAGE – 27 Values to Enrich your Marriage 

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