Just a quick “date night” idea for you and your spouse – and this one doesn’t cost much at all!

It’s an idea to encourage others and you and your spouse. It’s about focusing on what’s good in your life!

Write a Letter!

When was the last time you wrote a letter?  

You know, the kind where you use…

a pen

and real paper…

where you need an envelope

and a stamp

and an actual house address?

How To

I was reading a post on Jennie’s blog, Little Girl Designs, that caught my attention – it was about 18 Letter Writing Prompts.

In this post she included:

  • the prompts
  • what to include in your letter  (LOVE #2 in this section)
  • and five points which address all the reasons why you haven’t/can’t do this!

While I was reading Jennie’s post, I thought about what Rob and I could be doing with the photos we have from our travels – so far they just live on Instagram (you can see them here).

What if we printed some of the best ones and made cards to send notes to other couples we’d like to encourage? And what if we did it as a date night activity?

Check out Jennie’s post on this idea to inspire your date night letter-writing!

Here’s her post: http://www.littlegirldesigns.com/write-now-18-letter-writing-prompts/

 Date Night! write a letterencourage someone

What about you?

What could you write about in a letter to others? Who is the first person that comes to mind — who might welcome a real-live encouraging piece of snail-mail?  I bet you can think of more than one person!





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