Words Matter – your words, the words you read, and those you hear. Words matter to your spouse, to your children, to your guests and everyone you love. The message you give to those in your home shapes their day – their view of life and their understanding of what is important.

Words Matter – What are you doing to make a positive impact?

Is Facebook and social media the prevailing force in your life or the lives of those you love?  

We have a friend who is being deliberate about her words on Facebook. She is a mature lady, a Christ-honoring widow, and an example for me. She became specifically disturbed by all the negativity on her Facebook feed and decided she’d do something about it. Personally. Actively.

She began a deliberate campaign many months ago to post at least one positive thought each day.  Many people (online and in person) remark on her active choice to be optimistic. Recently I overheard a friend speaking to her about all the positive posts and how much it means to this friend…

We all can change our Facebook, Instagram, and other social media channels to reflect what is good, true, and positive. I’m joining my Christ-following, widowed friend in her online campaign… 

I challenge you too! 

Enjoy the moment - Item 2003725 - Great Big Canvas by Daphne Brissonnet Serene Moments IV Wall Art - Words MatterBut social media is only one way we consume words…

What words are in your home?

What forms of media are a part of your mental consumption?

Which shows do you watch or stream? Are they building you up — or pulling your mood down? How do you feel when you’ve finished watching these programs? Do you feel energized and positive about your life, world, and future?  If the television is on, it’s having an effect on everyone in the house – not just those who are actively watching.

What books or magazines are you reading?

Words Matter - This book is what is on the table beside my chair - you might guess where my thoughts are...

This book is what is on the table beside my chair – guess where my thoughts are…

Are you learning something new that will make a good impact on you, your spouse, your family and your community? Remember, even a book left sitting on the table influences everyone by the artwork on the cover. The influence might not even be conscious but it’s there. (Do you have a Bible? Does it have dust on it, or is it piled under every other book?)

What pictures are on your walls?  What’s on your ‘fridge?

Rob and I have been house/dog sitting in quite a few different environments over the last 3 years. Every home is unique and what is displayed is a choice they’ve made at a particular moment in their life. Is it still relevant for them at this time?

Rob and I have felt “at home” and comfortable in all the spaces we’ve stayed in… and we do take note of what’s displayed. (It’s hard not to!)  Some displays have even impacted what I write about here on Encourage Your Spouse or post on social media.

Are you in your house right now – as you read this post? 

If you’re not at home, think about your rooms.

What words/art would impact everyone in your home?Words Matter - Be Happy Wall Art by Jennifer Pugh Item 1988111 at Great Big Canvas

We’ve found a site with all kinds of art – including inspirational art with words. Click here to explore. Maybe this Christmas your “home” could have a gift under the tree with words to encourage, inspire, uplift and motivate! Words matter!

Or maybe for the upcoming Holidays including Thanksgiving, you want to gift your family, adult children, and friends with something that will inspire them? All the photos on this post are from GreatBigCanvas.com. This is one of the affiliates we’ve chosen to highlight for unique gift giving options. Other gifting options we’ve found are for wine and for tea! (It’s kinda humorous that a teapot I like has fun words.)

Below are a few other pieces of art from GreatBigCanvas.com we think would have a positive impact on you and your spouse.

I think it’s cool that they’re available in a few different forms, including, of course, framed and unframed of various sizes, but also as a wall peel, printed on a reusable vinyl with a special adhesive that sticks to walls without harming them. The wall peel format would be good for Rob and me in our little house-on-wheels. (Hanging photos and traveling don’t go well together!)

Words Matter - The Teaching of Kindness by Cherie Burbach at Great Big Canvas - item 2496431

Words Matter - Gratitude Changes Everything wall art at Great Big Canvas Item 2406109 by Stephanie Ryan

Words Matter - Guide Me Wall Art by Dennis Frates Item 1988082 at Great Big Canvas-

What are the favorite words you have on your walls?

Leave a comment with what you want to influence your spouse – your family – and guests! With your comment, you can impact us too! 😉 Words matter!

Words matter - what is hanging on your walls and is it impacting your family

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