Who energizes you?

I like people.

I like to talk to people.

I like to visit with people.

I like to interact with people.

But talking, and visiting and interacting takes a lot of energy.

My energy – physical, mental and emotional – is drained when I spend time talking, visiting, and interacting with people. They might be my close friends, or fascinating new acquaintances, or wildly funny couples, or compelling story-tellers, but eventually I just need to find a corner and have a bit of quiet. Yes, I’m an introvert. A highly social introvert, but still an introvert.

Robert, my husband, is one person with whom I can spend extended periods of time, and still be energized.  In fact, I’ll wander down the hall to find him if I’m feeling a little blue, or somewhat blah… his smile picks up my spirits, and he’s always ready to share something interesting. He energizes me.

I’m wondering – all you introverts out there – does your spouse energize you?

How do you interact with your spouse that is different than others?  I believe even introverts can be energized by their spouse if they’re feeling connected.

I’m not a social scientist, so I don’t have any research to show  –  it’s just a hunch…

(what do you think?)

Now, maybe you are an extrovert – so being with people is fun and energizing for you.  

How is it different with your spouse? In what ways does your spouse charge up your emotional spirit that others don’t? Who energizes you?

Let’s share about who energizes you!

Here’s an interesting exercise – I have NO clue of its validity – but it was interesting.  It’s from Eberly College in West Virginia:


It’s a series of 18 questions, with an equation to measure a person’s introversion. Apparently most college students score at 19 on a scale between 12 and 36.  (the higher the number the more introverted the person may be).  I scored at 31.

 Another thought…

From experience, I know that when I’m really drained of energy – spiritually, emotionally and even physically – the only answer is to be connected to the One who made all things. God. And His Son, Christ Jesus.

No person – husband or wife – can take the place of God. We’re being selfish and unrealistic if we put that burden on our spouse. And if we believe we alone can re-energize ourselves, then we’re facing ultimate, long-term failure. Separation from God equals death.

Just another thought…

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UPDATED – April 15, 2017 –

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