What happens when a group of ladies gather?

It depends on their focus.

On Saturday March 2nd I had the opportunity to gather with a group of ladies.

To be candid, a few weeks before I’d accepted online to attend this meeting, but hesitated that bright Saturday morning. I actually pressed the “will not attend” button to change my status. (Not that anyone would have noticed, I’m sure.)

Why did I not want to attend? This weekend was shaping up to be a privilege – 3 whole days alone at home because Robert was speaking at a conference in Florida. (Those of you who are introverts understand the value of “alone” time.) The idea of doing my hair and dressing up to sit in a room full of strangers was not appealing compared to lounging in quiet – all alone!

However. I sat at the computer after changing my status to “not going”, and felt an odd surge of… I don’t know… compulsion? As attractive as staying at home was, I needed to go.

So I went.


The focus of this meeting was the organization, LeadHer.  It was an invitation to share what the local LeadHer group was doing and to invite ladies in our area to become involved.

What’s LeadHer?  This nonprofit is focused on encouraging and equipping women to make a deeper impact on the world around them for Christ.

Imagine a group of ladies gathering to strengthen and grow in the Gospel of Christ – where age, socio-economic background, race, denomination affiliation or growth in Christ is not a barrier.

Imagine a group where the focus is to impact the world for Christ – first by being rooted in the Word, then by being supported by the strength of other sisters-in-Christ standing firm side-by-side, and lastly being able to spread out wide like the heavy-laden, leaf-filled branches of a tree to share Christ’s love.

Yeah. Yeah. A-huh.

Sounds good, right?

What really happened…

Exactly what was described.


Where I sat & a challenge.

I sat at the edge of the room with my back against the wall. (I would have chosen the last row, but all those seats were taken.)  The meeting began.  We were asked a challenging question by Erika Jackson, a member of the national board:

“What would it look like if you let the Holy Spirit work through you to your full potential?”*

And then we turned to share our answer with those around us.

What inspiring conversations! It didn’t matter if one was unclear of what a particular purpose was – the other ladies encouraged. I heard big focuses – like building orphanages. I heard huge desires, and compelling stories. What was common? A passion to be used by God and share Christ’s love.

The formal part of the meeting began. Deep stories of impact were shared by the founder and team leaders. Tears were shed, tissues were engaged, laughter swept through the room. Heads were nodding, and I heard a few faint “ah-hah” affirmations in the southern church-lady style.

Then the presentation ended.

An Easy Connection

The young woman beside me began a conversation. Now, beginning a conversation can feel stilted and contrived, but ours was an easy connection. She shared her passion and business focus. In addition to selling Mary Kay, Javan is also a calligrapher. I expressed my admiration, and was able to share my unfocused desire to find some tangible product for husbands and wives to use when  encouraging each other.  It amazed us how the Lord could sit us side-by-side and connect an artistic gift with a desire.

Then Javan shared her heart’s passion.  She’s a mom of a small child. She’s also a mom to four miscarried infants.  This pain and a Godly prompting is leading her to minister to other moms who find themselves in the same place of indescribable grief – losing a child before it can take a breath.  She’s begun by creating a Facebook Page where these moms can share: Mothers of Miscarried Infants (MOMI)

But Wait – That’s Not All

We chatted for quite a while, as her mom was talking with someone else. Javan continued to exclaim that her mom and I had so much in common.  We agreed we should meet at another time, and shared contact information.

I then had a chance to meet and greet with a few other ladies in the room, including the founder of LeadHer – Christie Love. I asked for a photo from her and Sarah Fotopulos (Chapter Development Director) ’cause I knew I wanted to write about my experience that morning.

I met a few more ladies, and then decided to call it a morning.  (after all, I still had the rest of the day to rejoice in being alone!)

But no.  God had other ideas. As I walked to my truck – Javan and her mom were waiting. They invited me to lunch. They said they didn’t want to let the opportunity pass by, but rather grab hold and explore the connection God had provided.

We did.

Over lunch we three ladies shared. We were vulnerable. A mom and daughter invited a (former) stranger into their company and ministered and encouraged her. Their insights and Holy-Spirit inspired words spoke into my heart. I tried to also be a blessing for them in their desires and pursuits.

Add It Up

My day included:

  • connecting with ladies from every race, denomination & background – no barriers
  • glorifying God together – sharing what God has done in our lives
  • being encouraged & supported by other Christ-like women
  • sharing Christ’s love with each other
  • a flow of blessing with a promise of a future harvest

This is exactly the vision of LeadHer.

I encourage you to check out their website:  LeadHer.org  – see if there’s a chapter near you.  (If you’re a guy reading this – suggest this to your wife!)

What does this have to do with encouraging your spouse?

Yes – what does this day I experienced have to do with encouraging my spouse?  It was all ladies. Robert was three states away, involved in our business pursuits. How could my involvement encourage him?

Taking Initiative – this both surprised Rob & showed him my support for our mission.

Robert is out and about often. He’s comfortable speaking with groups, and networking. He’s excellent at interviewing people and making new connections in person.  He’s able to speak in a group with ease and authority. Me? Not so much. I’ll often decline to attend functions and he goes alone. The last number of interviews he’s done on his own.  (Are you getting the picture?)

Our mission is to help husbands and wives lead meaningful lives.  I support this mission online. He’s out there speaking and traveling, meeting people and talking to groups.

Our spouse is encouraged when  we  take action.

Our spouse can’t “make” us do anything. I’m blessed with a spouse that doesn’t set conditions or requirements before he  encourages  – he accepts with love what I contribute. But I know he would appreciate if I stretched.

It was a total surprise to him that I moved out of my comfort zone to attend this gathering. He expressed how pleased and proud he was of my actions. I felt validated and he felt supported. It was a win-win.

Where can you step out  – step up?

Is comfort your modus-operandi? Perhaps your comfort isn’t serving you well…

Are there places where your “stretching” and growing and discomfort can be a support and encouragement for your spouse?

Is there some area in which you’ve been fighting God (or ignoring His call) where He wants to bless you – but your comfort is more important to you?

(Tough questions. Sorry.)

What’s your perspective?  Leave a comment – I’m interested in your stories…

* I  believe this was the “challenging question”. It’s the essence, anyway….

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