As part of the tagline on Encourage Your Spouse, the word “meaningful” is used.

Husbands & Wives Leading Meaningful Lives

What does “meaningful” mean, anyway?

Sometimes I mess around with the word – and translate it as filled with meaning… meaning filled… but I know what it’s NOT:

  • Meaning filled is not pessimistic
  • Meaning filledl is not hum-drum
  • Meaning filled is not day-by-day

Meaning Filled is…


Forward Focused


How do you define “meaningful”?

Yesterday I was with a group of ladies at a coffee shop.  These ladies were women from every walk of life.

  • some were cancer survivors,
  • some were professionals,
  • some had left corporate life,
  • there were writers,
  • others were in family businesses,
  • and one was pursuing a new time in her life called “retirement”.

We were a room filled with multi-ethnicity,  ages, different Christian denominations, and diverse focuses.

What brought us together?*

A meaning filled purpose.

Living a ho-hum-hum-drum existence isn’t enough for this diverse group of ladies.

Each of us found our strength in God, and Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. We all expressed (in larger and smaller ways) our trust in the Lord’s direction for our lives, and the calling He had placed on our hearts.

For one lady, “meaningful” shows up in her desire to mentor teens, in another lady “meaningful” is translated to the daily challenge of living and demonstrating a Christ-like life out of the spot-light. Yet others have artistic and business ventures God has put into their hearts which embody “meaningful”.

Some of the ladies have a very clear plan on how to pursue their God-gifted task. Others are seeking God’s input into their vision. At whatever stage each one found themselves, we all were privileged to hear the stories of their journey… and to pray for God’s hand to guide each one.

So – what’s your “meaning filled” purpose?

How would you define the word: meaningful?

Do you have a plan? Are you and your spouse pursuing something together? Are you encouraging your spouse, if the plan is theirs? How?

Having a meaning filled life doesn’t need to be grandious or pretentious… I’m guessing it’ll serve something greater than yourself, and have something to do with relationships. 

Don’t procrastinate in pursuing your life filled with meaning – it’s so easy to get caught up and miss out on using your time well!

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