So.  What’s in your marriage? 

(Not wallet – marriage. 😉 )

Grover asks Jessie what marriage is all about – what people do and share in their marriage.

Sometimes it’s easy words like – kiss, hug, help.   Those are great words.  Valuable actions.  Necessary experiences in marriage.

Now – take it one step further, and think about values – what values differentiate you and the one-you-love from other couples?  Not every person is the same.  Couples also share this uniqueness.

If you were to use 3 words to sum-up what you share in your marriage – the good stuff – what words would you use?

Robert and I talk a lot about differentiating values.   In our marriage and life, we’ve decided there are 3 differentiating values that both define and drive us:  

  • Loyalty
  • Optimism
  • Discovery

What about you? 

What values ‘sing’ in your heart – which values are must-haves?