When you look at your spouse – your husband, your wife – what do you see?

Is her skin sagging a bit?

Is his belly hanging over his belt?

Is there a grey hair peeking through her brown curls, or is there hair missing on his head?

What are your looking at?

When you look at your husband or wife – what do you see?  Do you see faults and flaws?

And when you look at yourself, are you making a list of all the areas that aren’t what they used to be?

Or a list of what “should” be?

Stop it!

Cease and desist!

Stop picking at your own faults.

Stop poking at your husband’s or wife’s flaws.

When you look in the mirror, do you see the face God loves?

Because He does.

God loves you. God loves your spouse.

When you look at your spouse,

and yourself,

you’re looking at the face that God loves.

As you, also, are a gift – for your spouse. 

Because God loves you both.

Your Spouse a Gift from God 500

 Enough with the judgments.

Enough with the criticisms.  

(even if they’re only in your own head…)

What can you do for this gift you’ve been given?

Now that you’re seeing the face that God loves… now that your sight has been adjusted…

what can you do for her – for him?

  • Speak words of HOPE. 
  • Share your FAITH in God’s goodness.
  • LOVE without any conditions – at all.
  • Lift up your spouse with your PRAYER
  • Use your talents, your energy, your will and  be a support in ACTION.

Have courage. Encourage.

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