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101 Phrases to Encourage

Encouragement is more than words - 101 Phrases to Encourage Your Spouse

101 Phrases to Encourage

Yes. To encourage your spouse  – your husband or wife – it does take more than words.

But sometimes words are where the encouragement starts…  So I decided to write a post with 101 phrases. Here’s the original post if you’re interested: 101 Phrases to Encourage Your Spouse.

Then, our daughter-in-love and son – Alisane and Alex – offered to make a video with these phrases. And though some of the scripted phrases seemed a bit cheesy, Alisane reported that when they finished recording the video, she felt such warm feelings. They were married two years at this time this video was recorded. (They’re now married five years and expecting their first baby!)


Sometimes the words are the first action,

and then the feelings show up.

I wanted to expand on these phrases, and also address the results of a survey, asking readers how they’d like their spouse to encourage them.

That’s where an idea for an eBook came from – a series of three ebooks.  Each phrase will be expanded, with both a big picture focus, and a practical application. To begin the idea, I tried a few posts…

The Posts

A few posts for each of these phrases… just click on the picture to read that post!

Each post contains the “Big Picture” and the “Practical”

#1 - 101 Phrases to Encourage Template

#1 phrase to encourage your husband or wife:  “I love you.”

Use this phrase with the significance it had when you first said it …

#2 - 101 Phrases to Encourage Template

#2 phrase to encourage your wife or husband: “thank you.”

Saying “thank you” to your spouse  demonstrates how much you value your spouse. This post contains a free download of scripture tags.

Expand Hope for a strong marriage in your future

#3 phrase to encourage your wife or husband: “We have a good future together.”

Looking back can create hope for the future…

#7 phrase:  “You’re Amazing!” includes a free resource…

Character Qualities Ad v2

and more to come!

We’re working on a series of 3-ebooks to highlight these phrases – Phrases 1-33 , 33-66, and 66-101.

They’ll include resources/exercises to make sure each phrase is both Big Picture and Practical.

101 Phrases to Encourage Your Spouse - video and posts


Just in case you want a few laughs – also watch the “out takes” from the video shoot.

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