United Response… Why? Because any response or decision you make impacts your spouse! 

PAUSE for a united response to show respect.

Build respect with your spouse by waiting to discuss issues before responding. Use the “pause button” before you respond to others.

7 more WAYS to be united:

 Obviously, responding together after discussing an option or situation is one way of being united. But what else could you do?

Being united strengthens your family.

This world we live in isn’t an easy place to be. It’s filled with so many pitfalls. Too many couples succumb to one hazard or another, and their division causes pain. The pain isn’t just felt for the two of them, it’s also felt like a ripple effect. Children are hurt when couples are no longer united. Parents of the couple suffer when two people choose to no longer be united. Even friends can feel great pain when their couple friends are no longer united.

Having a united response as a husband and wife impacts more than only the two of you – it also strengthens your family. Your children, your parents, your siblings and all of your friends can have a sense of security when they trust that the two of you – husband and wife – are united.

Unity matters.

Please – give some thought to the areas in which you are not united with your spouse.

And address those areas.


That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh.

Genesis 2:24 NIV


…on being united in finances…

When both spouses are not on the same page, success becomes very difficult. It’s like having a business partner who is not working on the business. Both spouses must pull the same cart together. When one spouse is not on the same page, the cart will eventually become too hard to pull on your own.

from a post by Tom Corley “ Are You and Your Spouse on the Same Page”

Thomas C. Corley researches and writes about the habits of those who are rich. This post was spot-on for Robert and me. He talks about loyalty ( that’s one of our Values) and being supportive and optimistic…

Little ideas to build unity… and JOY!

Have you seen our video about #93toJOY?  We had so much fun recording it…  It’s about doing 93 days of little activities together that don’t take much time or money. #93toJOY is about addressing those days, months and years that aren’t easy…  Learn more HERE