Trusting God for direction in your marriage –  yeah, about that — I’ve been thinking a lot about Mary and Joseph and how they’re a relevant and good example for all of us. Yes, even today – 2000+ years in the future. 

It all started when I read this post by Falen at the blog “Upward Not Inward”. She highlighted Elizabeth. You know, Mary’s cousin – the mother of John the Baptist. After the angel Gabriel visited the young teenage girl and explained what God was going to do in her life, Mary ran to Elizabeth.

I’ve been thinking about Joseph and Mary and how they demonstrated the quality of trust.- trusting God for direction in their life.

Trust in God.

Mary trusted God.

  • she trusted God enough that she didn’t freak out when the angel appeared. (Although it does say she was “troubled”.)
  • she trusted God enough that she wanted what God had designed for her – even though she could have counted the troubles she would need to face: telling her fiance, her family, and the community about her pregnancy and dealing with disbelief and gossip.
  • she trusted God enough that she declared herself God’s servant

 Joseph trusted God.

  • Joseph trusted God’s message in his dream (Matthew 1:20,21) and when he
    woke up from that dream
    , took the young, pregnant Mary as his wife. No prevarication, or hesitation – he trusted God’s direction to move forward – immediately.
  • Again, once Jesus was born, an angel appeared to Joseph in a dream. (Matthew 2:13,14) Joseph trusted God’s direction enough to take immediate action.
  • And yet more times – Matthew 2:19-23 – Joseph trusted God enough to uproot his family again and again. Joseph was a carpenter – he needed people to hire him to build things. He was required to find new clients every time he moved. His livelihood and providing for his family was at risk with every move. Yet Joseph trusted God enough to follow through immediately.

Trusting God for direction was a solid way to begin a marriage for Mary & Joseph. 

Trusting God for the direction of your life - encourage your spouseYou might think they found it easier to trust God than we do today. I don’t think so. Humankind is the same today, as yesterday, as thousands of years ago.

There was gossip – today and then. I’m positive that people enjoyed chewing on Joseph and Mary’s situation, in the same form we hear in our circles today. (but we’re not participating in the gossip… oh no… right? …)

Joseph and Mary needed to earn enough to feed and clothe their family – as we do today.Do you think Joseph was any less worried as a husband and father about providing for his family, compared to husbands today?

I imagine he talked a lot to God about his situation and asked where their “daily bread” would come from as they moved again and again at God’s direction.

Did that young family feel isolated in Egypt? I imagine it’s the same as some young families feel today when they’re far away from loved ones. I think so. As I understand, Mary didn’t have any support system in Egypt – no mother, sisters, or cousins. She had Joseph. And a bunch of strangers surrounding her in her first years of marriage.

Yet, as husband and wife, Joseph and Mary trusted God’s direction for their life.

How about you? Do you give God control over the direction of your life?

It’s all about trust.

  • Was there a point in your life that you trusted enough to surrender your future to God?
  • Do you need to revisit this commitment?
  • Perhaps it’s time for you to do this with your spouse…

In what way are you trusting God for direction today?

Does your spouse know how you’re trusting God for direction? Have you asked her/him? It’s a good time to have a conversation, huh? 😉 

Trusting God for Direction - how Mary and Joseph are a relevant example for all of us evern 2000 years later