Touching makes a difference in marriage – Get back in touch with your spouse!

We can get out of the habit of touching. Maybe you have small children who fill your arms all day (and night)? Don’t forget your spouse! Your husband or wife still needs your loving touch no matter how long you’ve been married.

your spouse needs a loving touch too

Lots of opportunities…

Sight is found in one body part – the eyes. And hearing, taste, and smell are each attached to a specific part of the body.

But the ability to feel – our sense of touch – is found on every square inch of a healthy body.

It’s Touching

A study done in 2011 at John Hopkins University showed how specialized neurons in the skin feel different movements and vibrations. It’s complex.

 “Touch is not yes or no; it’s very rich…”.

David Ginty, Ph.D., professor of neuroscience at Johns Hopkins

Surprised? No, I didn’t think so. You know how rich the sense of touch is.

You’ve run your fingers through your spouse’s hair or tickled her/him or traced eyebrows with a gentle finger. You’ve wrapped your arms around your spouse and hugged till they squeaked.

Touching has many hues – just like color.

Every nerve ending in our skin has the ability to feel. In another study in 2006, the participants were able to decode emotions from a single touch on the forearm, all while blindfolded. They were able to detect anger, fear, love, gratitude and sympathy from a simple's touching - make it a habit to touch your spouse

Touch Your Spouse Today

Make it into a game. Take 10 coins and put them in one pocket. Each time you touch your spouse, transfer one coin to the other pocket till the first is empty and this way you’ll be sure you’ve touched your spouse at least ten times that day!

In what way does your spouse like to be touched? (Before you get to those intimate touches ;-)  )

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