Bubble over.


May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

~ Romans 15:13

Overflow with Hope

Have you ever watched the sun rise?

A sunrise is a very slow process.

The process of transitioning from night sky to sunrise takes a long time.

The sun doesn’t just pop up from a dark sky… rather there’s a progression from pure dark, to a hint of less dark, to a faint incandescence, and then a gradation of hues till the sky is glowing.

Still, there is no sun to be seen.

Its effects are available to the eye, but the actual ball of light is below the horizon. The sky is shimmering, almost bursting with color, with rays of light stretching out… but that burning orb isn’t evident. Yet.

Light is overflowing into the sky – the hope for a blazing glory of sunshine is evident…


Do you trust the sun will rise over the horizon?

Just as we see the sky begin to lighten from dark to not dark and we trust we will see the sun, so we can trust we will be filled with peace and joy as we hope. We have the power of the Holy Spirit, don’t we?

That gradation of hue in the morning sky has inspired painters and photographers forever. In the same way we can use hope to inspire our spouse.

Paint the picture of hope…

Let hope radiate in your words,

in your attitude,

in your actions,

in your intentions…

Just like those faint colors in the morning sky can fill us with trust that the sun will appear, so will hope for a bright future fill you and your spouse. 

What are you hoping for?

You can’t make plans without a hope…

I ask you again:

For what are you hoping?

and how is that hope making itself evident?

The promise of hope.

Can your spouse see those rays reaching out, illuminating your day, your relationship, your actions, your interactions…

What are you hoping for?

Put it into words.

Go from dark – to not dark

Our God is a God of Hope. He has filled us with the Holy Spirit.

He has promised us peace and joy as we are filled with hope and trust in Him.

Start your sunrise.

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