When you’re feeling connected to your spouse,

you’ll go that extra mile…

Once upon a time there was husband and wife who shared a home,  two children, a car and a life.  This was an average North American family.

One Sunday morning the husband was sick in bed with the stomach flu.  Though they usually attended church services together as a family, this morning the husband was too ill to leave the house. The wife was dressing for church, when the husband asked if she’d walk across the road to the store for some Gingerale. He felt it would help settle his stomach.

The wife replied that he could wait – she’d pick it up after they were done with church.

And that’s what she did.

Just Life

The above incident is a true story, about a real couple. It’s nothing dramatic, or tragic, yet it’s stuck with me for more than 25 years. This woman told me the story herself, and though I know she had spent the week before doing volunteer work, she saw no need to go out of her way for her husband.

They shared a life, children, and a home – but no connection.

(As you might guess, this couple is no longer married.)

Being connected.

Being connected with your spouse is more than just sharing a house. It’s more than knowing what brand of toothpaste sits on his or her bathroom shelf.  It’s more than making the obligatory birthday cake, or rotating the tires, or taking the kids to soccer practice this time.

Being connected means you go the extra mile.

Sometimes the extra mile is an inconvenience in your day. Sometimes the extra mile is as simple as making use of your intimate knowledge of the likes and dislikes of your spouse. And choosing for your spouse.

And sometimes going the extra mile is more than the obvious…

The extra mile is more than everyday events – it’s more than yesterday’s calendar – it’s more than food on the table, clothes in the closet, gas in the car and money in the bank.

Sometimes the extra mile is about the future.

Do you know what your spouse is hoping for?  Do you know your spouse’s dreams and desires? Does your spouse know your dreams and desires?  How are you building your future together? Are you going the extra mile to make it happen for each other?

How are you building  your connection with your spouse?

What have you done recently to go the extra mile?


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