We all need to feel important, and validated.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, as husbands and wives,

we behaved in a way which demonstrated how important our spouse is to us?

Time & priority demonstrates what level of importance your spouse holds.

An encouraged spouse feels important…

both because of the time you’ve spent with her/him and the attention you’ve given her/him.

Where does your spouse come on the list of “to-do” items in your day?

Let’s try an analogy:

If you think of your day as a sandwich…


which item represents your spouse?

Do you bookend your day with your spouse, like the bread on either side of your sandwich?

bread slices


Is your spouse like the meat of your day –

the strength, the protein, the item in which you invest the most?


 Or has your spouse become like the token piece of cheese, pushed between layers?


Is your spouse like the extra items – a tomato, a piece of lettuce, an onion or a pickle slice –

that could easily be left off?

(Or – sometimes deliberately left off… because you’re not “in the mood”? )



Could it be that your spouse is relegated to the thin spread , like butter, mayonnaise or mustard-

only there to add a bit of flavor?

mayo and mustard ketchup

What does your spouse feel like – in the sandwich of your day?

Yeah. Just a thought…

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