I’m Lori.

And I’m a book-a-holic.

Big books, small books, any books, all books, every book, many books, children’s books,  picture books, booklets, cook books, non-fiction books, marriage books, hymn books, happily-ever-after books, travel books, poetry books, old books, new books  (you get the idea).

Our credit card statements testify to my love of books, so the very best Christmas gifts for me are Amazon gift cards. (Thanks Mom & Dad-in-Law 🙂 )  Fortunately, Robert, my husband, is also a book-lover and knows reading is as important to me as breathing. We regularly share ideas and thoughts and passages from whatever book we’re reading. And when we travel by car (which we do often) I read out loud…

So – because this blog is about encouraging your spouse, and so much encouragement and insight can be found in books, I’d like to share with you…

Some of my Favorite Marriage Books:

  •  The Bible.  Oh, you didn’t know this is a marriage book? Well, it’s the best happily-ever-after book there is… Just think:  You have a bridegroom who would do anything, including give up his life, for his bride. There are also stories of  love at first sight (Isaac & Rebecca), of a commoner marrying a king (Esther & King Ahasuerus), of a man loving a fallen woman and continually forgiving (Gomer & Hosea), of a man and woman created for each other (Adam and Eve), about romantic and erotic love between a man and a woman (Song of Songs), and more.  Have you ever read the Bible like it’s a love story?
  • The Five Love Languages – By Gary ChapmanEven if you don’t like to read – at all – I’d recommend having this one book. It’s a simple concept that can be translated into every relationship you have.  Robert and I give this book to every couple we spend time with. If you’re interested, I wrote about it here.  Do you know what language your spouse speaks when they’re trying to show you love?  Do you know your love language?
  • Real Marriage – by Grace and Mark Driscoll. This is a book that covers all aspects of marriage – including those sex questions you might wonder about. But my favorite part of the book is the chapter on Friendship. I wrote about this book here.  How do you show your spouse that he or she is your friend?
  • Love is a Decision – by Gary Smalley and John Trent. Sometimes you just need to have a plan. This book is about creating a plan to love your spouse. Creating a plan for your marriage means you’re in it – to win it!  Here’s a little more about this book. Do you and your spouse have a plan for your marriage?
  • The Five Languages of Apology – by Gary Chapman & Jennifer Thomas. This isn’t only a marriage book – although it’s definitely useful for your marriage! Have you ever apologized to your spouse, yet he or she didn’t react well to your apology?  Perhaps you’re missing something… There are 5 ways to apologize.  I wrote about this book here.   Would you like to receive a copy of this book?  Just leave a comment and we’ll randomly choose a winner!

Of course, there are lots of other marriage books I like – I’ve listed others here.

Do you have any favorite marriage books to recommend?


Hey – I’m always ready to read another book! 🙂

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