The days can become hectic – disjointed – spastic – frazzled…

How can you and your spouse regroup – renew – recharge?

Take a break with your spouse – soak in some beauty:

Go for a walk.

Enjoy the beauty God has provided in nature.


Visit a museum or art gallery.

God has gifted some people with an amazing talent – appreciate the gift God has given.

An afternoon at the Mint Museum in Charlotte, NC – FREE fun!

Delight your taste-buds.

Indulge in a shared dessert and marvel at the gift of flavor.

our friend Chef Shannon’s dessert tray for her parents


You and your spouse are wonderfully made… enjoy!

Spend time pampering each other – hot water, lovely scents, the gift of touch…

Intimacy is a lovely gift from God.

Use your senses – soak in some beauty.

Give thanks Рtogether Р for all God has provided.