The study of values is called Axiology. We discovered this description of what Robert does every day in a text book our daughter was studying. (It was satisfying to have a word to describe his passion!)

What do values have to do with marriage?

What do values have to do with anything in life? 

We hear and read quite a bit about values as they pertain to business – or businesses which have gone down a path of moral and ethical misbehavior. We also hear and read about so called “family” values. (Read more about that myth here.)

Values simply define

  • what is desirable 
  • what is worth doing
  • what is worth supporting
  • what is worth arguing for
  • what is worth striving for

Values are a set of standards.

Robert and I were talking about the fruit of the spirit (Galatians 5:22), and how they are all words which can be described as values, defining what is desirable, worth doing, supporting, arguing and striving for…

Fruit of the Spirit

What about in your marriage? Which values would you consider important? 

Which values would you consider desirable – worth striving for – doing and supporting?


    • acceptance
    • discovery
    • optimism
    • playfulness
    • loyalty

I’m sure there are other values you could list, if you wanted to spend time thinking about them…

What about sincerity?

To be sincere. Does that sound old-fashioned? How could the value of sincerity be worth something in your marriage? (tweet this)

Consider the value of Sincerity:

open and genuine; not deceitful; earnestness.

Being open with your spouse.

Being genuine.

Refusing to be deceitful – either in action or inaction.

An earnest heart – with intense conviction.

Where could you put the value of sincerity to work in your marriage?

First – sincerity needs to start with you.

You could be open, genuine, without deceit and convicting with yourself. (That can be a hard thing to do, we know.)

Here are some questions to ask yourself – on the way to adding sincerity to your marriage:

Marriage Questions:

If you scored the strength of your marriage on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being low, 10 being high), how would it score? What would need to change to increase that number by +1?

Hope Faith Love Prayer ActionWhat about you (yes, you!) do you think is most attractive to your spouse? What has he or she appreciated about you/complemented you on in the past?  What’s holding you back from letting that shine more often?

Hope Faith Love Prayer ActionImagine the best scenario of what your marriage could look like in 3-years. Have you shared this vision with your spouse?

Hope Faith Love Prayer Action

What are some ways you can encourage your spouse (and enhance your relationship) that truly comes from your heart?

Hope Faith Love Prayer Action

How can the value of sincerity –  being open and genuine –  help improve your marriage?

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