Be on time – it’s one way to show you value your spouse. Being on time can be a challenge for some people. They find it difficult to manage their time, and it shows up in marriage as much as it does in a work environment. But unlike so many other resources, time is finite. 

Time is more valuable than money.  You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.

Jim Rohn

This is #4 of 10 in a series of articles to show your spouse you value her/him. 10 Point Marriage Tune-Up

If time management is an issue in your life, then we relate. Time management has been something we’ve struggled with all our married life. However, we come at the issue from two separate points.

Robert is focused on achievement. If there’s a way to fit even one more thing into a day, or an hour, he will try. This means that unless he’s completely accurate in the amount of time each task takes, he will run out of minutes. To be on time means he has left extra room for contingency. I (Lori), on the other hand, have a tendency to procrastinate. (I’m working on it – and even wrote a book on it to address the issue!) Procrastination is a thief of time, regardless of which of the 9 reasons we all procrastinate. I need to be aware of why I’m procrastinating to be on time. We’re still working on this issue, and continue to improve!

One way we demonstrate we value each other is by being available and on time.

Now, not everyone has issues with time management.

You might even be very good managers of time. And yet… we’ve seen couples who are still tripped up by this issue of time when it relates to their spouse and their relationship as husband and wife.

If being late isn’t an issue in life, time may still have an impact on your marriage. 

We’ve seen how some couples are very diligent in using their time well, but still can’t fit in time for their spouse – life has too many other focuses. Their spouse gets “bumped” when other issues arise. Could this ever creep into your marriage relationship?

Time for each other is still relevant whether you’re married one year or 60 years. Be on time. Show you value your spouse through the use of your time… and being on time.

Be on time.

I want you to reminisce… remember when you were dating your spouse? Do you remember the anticipation to see each other?  You’d watch the clock, preparing for the time to leave so you could be together again.

Show your spouse that you value their time.  Don’t be late.  Show up when you say you’re going to. Try being early – it demonstrates you can’t wait to be together… again.  Still.

Be on Time for your spouse. Show you value her or him - 4th of the 10 point marriage tune up series

This post is part 4 of the 10 point marriage tune-up series…

10 Point Marriage Tune Up -10 ways to show you value your spouse and keep your marriage running well