Brag – Why would you do that?

When women are together with other women, we talk about those we love. We talk about our kids – the chores, the changes, the challenges. And we talk about our spouses.

Unfortunately, when I’m with a group of women, I’m more likely to hear only about the negatives they’re encountering. (Except for this conversation!)  I’m sure there are some positives in their marriages. But that isn’t what they’re telling me.

Everyone needs to feel valued – this includes your spouse! 

When we value something, we talk about it. Even if your spouse isn’t in the group when you talk about him/her, it will make an impact.  It’ll impact the others and shift their focus toward the positive and it’ll (eventually) make your spouse feel valued because that kind of stuff gets passed around.  Wouldn’t you like the good stuff to get passed around?

Let’s make the next conversation we have about our spouse focus on the positive aspects – those things we value about our spouse.

#2 of 10 – Ways to Show You Value Your Spouse

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Tell your kids/friends what you admire about your spouse.

Be specific.

  • about the character qualities that you admire in your spouse.
  • on how brilliant your love is in his/her profession or hobbies.
  • when you share what your spouse does for you that makes your life easier.



I challenge you:  Think of something – right now – that you can brag about when you talk about your spouse!

Now, this isn’t a one-up scenario where you are trying to out-do the other people in your group. Rather, this is about being authentically your spouse’s advocate, their PR person, and the one person in the whole world who knows every bad habit, and yet can look past those foibles. (Hint: that person is you – their spouse!)

If it’s hard to find something you admire… try this resource:

Character Qualities Ad v2

Brag about your spouse - which qualities do you admire about your spouse - download a free resource to make a list - Encourage Y

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