It’s easy to be complacent. But, complacency leads to inertia.

It’s easy to be self-focused. But, focusing only on yourself leads to selfishness. 

It’s easy to be agenda driven. But, letting the agenda control your life leads to stagnation.

Being complacent, self-focused and agenda driven is not very encouraging…

for you, your spouse or your family!

What can you do? –  Serve Together

Serve others – your church family, your community, even just one other person – and let your children see you (or join in).

By serving, you’ll encourage

  • concern for others, 
  • kindness
  • energy & creativity

Wouldn’t it be great to feel those emotions as a husband and wife team, and foster them in your family?

Who can you serve today?

Where do you and your spouse serve already?

Have you invited your children to serve alongside you? (don’t make it a one-time thing)

What a legacy you could leave as a family…

Encourage your children to serve

Want some ideas?

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