Robert has spent the last few days in a leadership conference with John Maxwell.  When we talked after each day of learning, all he could say was – his heart and head were full.

John & Margaret Maxwell - picture from their Christmas note on his leadership blog

In addition to the conference learning, Robert joined a group of people at John’s home for a couple of hours.  He enjoyed chatting with John – John’s children – and Margaret Maxwell.

Margaret & John Maxwell have been married more than 4o years.  In 2009 I wrote a little bit about them here.  I’ve never met them personally – just read his books.

While chatting with Margaret, Robert asked her the question we’re asking every leadership couple we meet:  How would you define a meaningful life?

Margaret Maxwell answered, “Having a meaningful life means you’ve obtained respect from those nearest to you – your family and friends.”

During the next day’s teaching, John shared his view of a “successful life” as:  “Having love and respect from those closest to you…  because they know you.” 

It’s a  lovely parallel from a connected leadership couple!

How would you define a “meaningful life”?