Refocus on Gratitude. Being Thankful. 

A happy marriage doesn’t just “show up”! Sometimes you need to refocus. Change your focus – to the small things… or those larger things. Being thankful is a good action to take. And it works best if both of you are refocusing. So….

30 days to Refocus on Gratitude

#30bbdaysofgratitude challenge

I found a group of ladies doing a challenge that caught my attention – they’re bloggers, and I’m guessing most of them are much younger than Rob and me. The blogger who has crafted this challenge is Aurélie @BumpandBlush – she’s a mum of one, with a little one on the way. Some are putting photos on Instagram with the hashtag #30bbdaysofgratitude — others are writing posts. I’m looking forward to reading their responses to this challenge.

The challenge is a bit more than Gratitude. 

The challenge to refocus on gratitude is a curated challenge with wonderful prompts. I especially like her questions which accompany the prompts!

These questions seemed like a perfect fit to encourage your spouse… Imagine the two of you asking each other… 

  1. My House : Why I feel good at home?
  2. The Loves of My Life : Why I want to thank them for being in my life?
  3. My Projects/Work : What do I love about my projects / work?
  4. My Friends : Who have always been there for me?
  5. My Family : Why are they so precious? Why am I so thankful?
  6. My Inspirations : Who inspires me and Why do I want to thank them?
  7. My Funny Moments: What are they and why I am thankful for them?
  8. Technology : What are the gadgets that surround me and how do they help me?
  9. My Books : What are the books that had a great influence on me and why?
  10. Nature : What I love about the outdoors?
  11. Knowledge: What have I learnt and how did it change your life?
  12. My Routine : What do I like in my routine? In what way does it contribute to my happiness?
  13. The Gift : A gift that you cherished and why?
  14. My Dreams : Why are my dreams so important and What are they?
  15. The Trip : What is your most memorable trip and why?
  16. The Song: What song inspires you and why?
  17. Childhood : What I love the most about my childhood and how it made me the person I am today?
  18. Food: What food makes you feel good and why?
  19. Hobby: What is my hobby and why I enjoy doing it?
  20. Emotions : What brings you joy?
  21. Era: What are you grateful about living in this time and age?
  22. Challenge: What is your greatest challenge in life and how you plan to overcome it?
  23. Greatest Accomplishments : What is your greatest accomplishment and how did it make you feel to succeed?
  24. Seasons: What season are you grateful for and why?
  25. The Memories: What is your favourite memory and why are you grateful about it?
  26. My Hidden Talent: What is my hidden talent and what do you use it for?
  27. My Past: What aspects of the past can you now be grateful about?
  28. Life Lessons: Why are they necessary and What are the good lessons I have learned?
  29. My Body : What are the reasons I want to say thank you to my body and why do I accept it the way it is?
  30. The Gratitude Challenge: Why am I grateful for this challenge?

The goal is to appreciate all of life’s little blessings… 30 days to feel happy!

Day 1 – Our Home

Why I feel good at home?

Some of you might realize that we don’t live in a traditional stick and brick home… we live in a recreational vehicle – a RV – a fifth wheel trailer towed by our Ford F150 pickup truck.  (I believe those in the UK and Australia call them caravans?)

It’s a pretty big change from our first 30 years of marriage. We’ve lived in 4 houses – two in Canada and two in the USA. We collected a lot of stuff in 30 years… and it was a challenge to downsize… But this time in a RV is a dream realized!

refocus on gratitude - day 1 - our home


After 30 years of marriage we sold our house and moved into an RV – it was a dream that became reality. So, why do we feel good at home, in our little-house-on-wheels, right now?

  • We’re thankful we can travel easily, and as Discovery is one of our values, that’s good!
  • We’re thankful it takes 10 minutes (at most) to clean. It gives us more time to enjoy each other!
  • We’re thankful all we need is with us –  in 282 square feet – we’re living a minimalst lifestyle.

Part of the task to refocus on gratitude is to look at exactly where you are in this moment. Sometimes it’s easier to look backward. Or forward. But today, for this first challenge consider this moment, exactly where you are and look at the positives. Be thankful.

Take this moment – and ask yourself – ask your spouse:

Refocus on GratitudeWhy do we feel good at home?

Leave a comment and share! 🙂
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