I’m somewhat active on Twitter

however, not as faithful and persevering as my hubby.

I do enjoy reading tweets.

Why twitter? Because Tweets provide bite-size bits of thoughts to ponder.

Start Small


Sometimes an entire post – 600 words – is too much,

it’s too rich,

it’s too chewy,

it’s too biting or sharp.

A tweet with 140 characters can provide  just enough to prompt an action.

Today I read a tweet from Jason & Tiffani at SongSix3

Praying for each other tweet from songsix3

Pray for Each Other

Pray for each other before bed tonight.

Yes. We’ve heard that lots, right?

But what if you don’t usually do that… ┬ápray together.

Out loud.

What if it feels foreign and uncomfortable?

Just hold hands & thank God for each other.

Start simple.

Start over.

Start a new habit.

Start expressing your thankfulness.

Start connecting – with your spouse and God.

Start encouraging your spouse through prayer.


(thanks for the encouragement in 140 characters, Tiffani & Jason!)

Tag. You’re “IT”…

Who can you pass this bite-sized bit of encouragement on to… ?

Start small. Clasp hands. Give thanks.