Pray together, you say? But how? Maybe you can’t remember the last time your prayed with your spouse… maybe never? And plus – there’s stuff goin’ on!

Is life a bit crazy right now? Maybe finding a moment alone together as husband and wife is hard. Maybe the cray-cray cycle is spinning so fast, that you and your spouse feel like you’ve lost your stuffing. Maybe you can’t put two words together before you fall asleep at night, so how can you devote yourself to prayer?

Is life a bit hard right now? Maybe you are struggling. Struggling with finances, with relationships, with health… Maybe you don’t really feel like talking to God when life sucks the big one… He knows everything. Does He really need to hear you whining again?

Is life a bit too good right now? Whoa, there! Yes. I did say “too good”! Maybe you’re on track and shining. Maybe those things you’ve been praying for are real now. Maybe you’re all “prayed-up”, and you’ve already said a great big thank you to God. Yup. You’re thankful. You’ve told Him.

How to pray together - even if it's been awhile - Or Never

Why Pray Together?

Why should you pray together as husband and wife? If it’s hard enough to pray on your own, why even try to pray together?Pray Together. For where two or three gather in my name there am I with them - Matthew 18-20 NIV

Everything is better with God included.

The first reason to pray together is that everything is better when you’ve invited God to participate – or rather, when you’ve drawn close to Him. (He doesn’t go anywhere, we’re the ones who move away a step or two… or ten…)

Pray together - Though one may be overpowered by another, two can withstand him. And a threefold cord is not quickly broken.

You and your spouse can encourage each other.

It’s easier to stay motivated if you pray together. One can encourage the other. And you’ll both be encouraged by your growing connection with God.

Where do you begin if you’ve never prayed together?

I’m going to quote my friends Jason and Tiffani at SongSix3:

Praying for each other tweet from songsix3

Start simple. Hold hands. Thank God for each other. 

Here’s “A TIP”

And here’s A TIP if you want to go a little bit further – take turns:

A – Adoring Him. Tell God how amazing and awesome He is.

T – Thanking Him. Thank God for all the wonderful gifts in your life – including your spouse.

I – Interceding for others. Consider all those around you who need God’s help. Ask for help – for them.

P – Petititioning for yourselves. Sometimes the simplest words are the most effective – “Father, help!”

Prayer doesn’t need to be fancy. It’s a conversation.

Prayer doesn’t need to take hours.  But take as long as you need. No hurry.

Scripture and Prayer

Robert’s favorite chapter in the Bible is John 17 – it’s the chapter where Jesus is praying to His Father. It’s conversational. He prays for those with him and those that come later and believe in Him. (that’s us!) Read that chapter to begin to feel what prayer can become. Try different Bible versions: The Message International Children’s Bible – New King James.

Sometimes understanding comes after reading and pondering. Read just a few verses before you pray your own prayer together. 

pray together - consider Philippians 4:6-7

Spend time with other couples who pray together.

Maybe you didn’t grow up in a house where you heard your parents pray together. It happens. However, it’s never too late to find a couple from whom you can learn. (There’s something to ask God for the next time you pray together as husband and wife!) Yes. Ask God to to bring you close to another praying couple.

But to begin… take Jason and Tiffani’s suggestion to heart: Hold hands and thank God for each other.

Want to pray together - start simple. Hold hands. Thank God for each other.

check out the post on Jason & Tiffani’s site that birthed the tweet:

pray together

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