Your attitude shapes your family.

Spouse, kids, siblings, parents, and everybody else who is invested in your future, is influenced by your reaction to what life throws at you. The only option you have control over in any situation, is how you respond.

What’s your response?

Being positive in a negative situation is not naive.

It’s leadership.

Husbands – encourage your wives!

Wives – encourage your husbands!

Being positive in a negative situation

  Encouragement is positive… even in a negative.

When Robert and I toured the Jayco factory, among our companions were a family. This family consisted of a mom (Roxanne) and dad (Lewis) with 10 kids. (Yes. You read that correctly: ten. Katelyn (22), Marisa (16), Lucas (15), Patrick (13), Quentin (12), Jax (9), Rowan (7), Selah (6), Thiessen (4) & Uynne (2).)

Mann There They Go

Even more fun is the fact that they’re traveling full-time. Together. In a fifth-wheel, towed by a pickup truck, and followed along by a passenger van. As they travel down the road, their logo states, “Mann There They Go“. (Their last name is Mann!)

What makes their story even more unique?

excerpt from their website:

In June 2012, Lewis was diagnosed with a brain tumor – it is operable, but suspected to be incurable. The reality of the brevity of life was right before us, so we began searching how we could escape from the “American Rat Race” and really savor each day that we are allowed to have together. We formulated a plan, set it in action and moved forward with great anticipation! Within a few short months we …

     • put our house on the market for sale
     • sold almost everything we owned
     • packed our few earthly treasures into Rubbermaid containers …
     • moved only necessary items into our 44.5 ft fifth wheel (MicMann)… 
     • said “Bon Voyage” to our sweet family and supportive friends

… then on November 11, 2012, launched from our ‘sticks n bricks’ house to living full-time in our RV!

What are these kids learning? And what is everyone who meets them learning?

Being positive in a negative situation is not naive.

It’s leadership.

Since Lewis’ diagnoses, they’ve celebrated 700 days together.

(Not all those days have been positive, because Lewis battles with seizures caused by the mass on his brain.)

They are living their life – grabbing hold of the positive – and leading their family.

mann there they go 700 days

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Are you leading your family with a positive attitude?

Not everything in your life is going well.

Yup. I get it.

The only thing you can control is your attitude and response to what happens in life.

Being positive in a negative situation is not naive.

It’s leadership.

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