Love is patient.

No hurrying. No worrying. Just waiting.

Tamping down the questions –

smoothing out the concerns –

holding fast in patience.

Not every season is about action.

Think of those bulbs under the ground – we don’t see the flowers at first, just green shoots.

Think of babies growing under their ┬ámommy’s heart – nothing to be seen… at first.

Think of the sunrise – it begins as just a faint glow in the night sky.

Love is patient.

How are you being patient with your spouse?

Has she made promises… but you don’t see any results?

Has he planned… but you can’t understand the outcome?

Maybe you need to have a bit of patience? Maybe?

Because, after all,

your loving Heavenly Father is very patient with you – isn’t He?

Wait – with patient love.

heart love is patient

How will you show your spouse your love – by being patient?

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