Open your heart. Peel away the barriers.

Reach out to hold your spouse’s hand… and listen.

Listen without an agenda.

open your heart

Sometimes we’re too busy with our lives, and we forget to spend time


with our spouse, with our children, and our beloved friends,

listening without agenda and an open heart.

Take action now to open your heart.

Don’t let another day go by without spending time to open your heart to those you love.

If you’re far away from each other, don’t let that stop you – arrange a time to video-chat.

Look at your calendar.

Does your calendar reflect how much you value

your spouse, your children, your parents, your beloved friends and family?

We’re not talking about duties like chauffering the kids to a game or a lesson…  or attending the “usual” Sunday-after-church-dinner at your parent’s house. Sure, you might be looking forward to the Super-bowl party on Sunday (so are we), but that event won’t provide a time to open your heart, and listen without an agenda.

We’re busy.

But busyness is not providing opportunities to become closer to each other.

If asked, or if loved one comes with a problem or concern,

we might throw out a few words of advice…

Advice = head  (not heart)

Do you really want to help?

Do you really want

this hurt, this concern, this dilemna, this fear, this soul-crushing weight

to be lifted from the person you love?


Do your actions truly demonstrate you want your spouse, children or beloved family and friends to feel heard, understood and encouraged? 

open your heart to lisen and understand

It might feel odd – or awkward to open your heart.

Maybe listening without an agenda isn’t something you’ve done very often.

Would it feel odd to simply listen – without interjecting or contributing – when your spouse speaks?

Might you feel as though you’re not doing your “job” if you aren’t providing a solution, or an opinion?

Perhaps you could try something new?

Your challenge this weekend:

Arrange a time to be alone together.

(Somewhere without a television and leave your phones elsewhere.)

Hold your spouse’s hand.

Listen to her/him without an agenda,

with full attention, and no words.

Open your heart to understand.

open your heart

Don’t know where to start a deeper conversation? If you’re at a loss, try concepts from reading these posts from Christian Marriage Bloggers: 

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Start the conversation – then LISTEN with an open heart.


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