Start Over.

Begin Again.

Commence Once More.

What have you stopped doing…

for your spouse

that would be good to launch anew, with fresh vigor?

Remember when you were first married (or even when you were first dating) and you couldn’t wait to see that guy or gal you loved?

Remember the tingles…

the butterfly stomach flutters…

the unconscious smirks and smiles…

What were you willing to do then – that you’ve stopped doing now?

  • phoning during the day – just to hear their voice
  • reaching out to hold their hand
  • a soft kiss in passing
  • praying she/he is safe
  • seeing a wildflower/weed and picking it for her/him
  • cleaning up because that’s the way she/he likes it
  • offering him/her a drink when you get one for yourself
  • touching her/his shoulder, or forearm, while driving
  • looking into his/her eyes, because you want to see how he/she is feeling
  • working to get along with his/her relatives
  • greeting her/him with a hug when they return
  • filling the gas in the car or washing the windshield
  • buying some great smelling perfume/after shave because you want to get up close & personal
  • trimming and touching up to look the best you can
  • an admiring glance
  • turning the station to the music he/she likes
  • making or buying something sweet because it’ll bring a smile
  • kissing – lots of kissing, little kisses, deep kisses, smacking kisses, light kisses
  • a playful and unexpected tease to anticipate being alone together
  • saying thank you with your heart in your eyes
  • asking for what you’d like in the sweetest way
  • acquiescing  (“as you wish“)
  • playing together
  • defending his/her behavior
  • traveling together
  • exploring something new together
  • going out with friends… together, as a couple
  • talk – long, exploratory, dreamy, imagining talks
  • laughing, teasing, tickling, playful chasing
  • being thankful you met

It’s never too late to start over!

It’s never too late to begin again.


What would you add to this list that you will begin again?

Its Never Too Late To Start Over 30 Observations In 30 Years Of Marriage

Don’t wait.

Encouragement has to begin with someone… why not you?

Have Courage: Encourage.

30 Observations in 30 Years of Marriage The List