Moving Past Procrastination to a Great Marriage

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Everyone procrastinates.¬†Procrastination doesn’t just show up in our work life – it’s thriving in relationships also. Our marriage relationships are filled with the poison of procrastination. What happens? Procrastination becomes a real barrier to a life filled with meaning. It also shows up – over time – as a poison that kills our marriages.

There are 9 reasons we all procrastinate:

  • – we fear failure – or success,
  • – we don’t know where to start or how to finish,
  • – we’re bored,
  • – we’re striving for perfect,
  • – we’re saving our energy for something else (otherwise known as laziness),
  • – we’re too tired,
  • – we’re rebelling,
  • – we don’t have the motivation to keep going,
  • – and we’re distracted by a million other things.

In this book, the nine reasons we all procrastinate are spelled out in detail as they appear in marriage, and solutions, and strategies are suggested for each area.

Let’s keep moving past procrastination to a great marriage!

Free Resources

Also included are links to free downloads of the lists: 101 things to say and text to your spouse, 101 things to do for/with your spouse, 35 conversation starters and more.

Resources for Moving Past Procrastination

Reading this book will give you the big picture surrounding procrastination in all its forms, and the practical strategies to  keep moving past procrastination!

The goal is translating what you learn about procrastination in your marriage, to the rest of your life – so as husband and wife you’re leading a meaningful life!

About Lori…

loriluise_transparent - CARTOON - smallLori Ferguson, the author, has been writing about encouragement in marriage for more than 8 years at

She’s invested in helping husbands and wives encourage each other to live with purpose: to be a team, to make a difference in each other’s lives, in the lives of their children, loved ones, communities and countries.¬†Procrastination is a huge barrier to this purpose for husbands and wives, so that’s why she’s written this book.

And she’s not just the writer… she’s a procrastinator herself, so she knows the pain and consequences. (Fortunately she was able to finish this book – and conquer one project, to the delight of her husband and adult kids!)