What’s a mentor?

  • Meets you where you are
  • Encourages your growth
  • Nudges you toward action
  • Tackles tough issues
  • Organizes your thought processes
  • Realigns your perspectives

Would you like to explore mentoring with Robert & Lori?

We’ve been married for 33+ years, have been writing about marriage since 2007 and have many resources available for mentoring (or coaching if you’d prefer that term). We’re certified¬†with the Prepare/Enrich program which highlights strengths and growth areas, the Biblical DISC which is fascinating and effective when applied to couples, and of course, working with Values for Couples.

enrich and grow your marriage with mentoring

We’re available to come alongside you and your spouse for a short bit to meet you and your spouse where you are, to encourage your growth as a couple, to nudge you toward taking action in areas you choose, to be with you as you tackle some tough issues, and provide resources to help organize your thought processes and realign your perspectives.

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