29 years ago – May 27th – Robert and I were married.

Ah-hum.  We look a little different now.  🙂

29 years and counting all the marriage essentials

It’s been a ride!

If you’ve been married for a while, you understand…  Good years, not-so-good years, fun years, exciting years, difficult years, stretching years – boy, I think I could put a unique adjective to every year if I tried.

We kept the anniversary day kinda low-key – just Rob and me. First we went out for a coffee and Chai Tea and sat in our truck to people watch. Since it was Memorial Monday, there was lots to see!  Then we stopped by a RV shop – and looked at the possible trailers/5th wheels our truck could pull. We spent the rest of the day working on Robert’s presentation/workshop for next week’s Leadership Seminar – movie and a pizza and it was off to bed!

It was a good day – a balance between enjoying each other, doing stuff we love and looking to the future.

We’re anticipating shifts in our life – whether they’re big or small is still (and always) up to God.

Shift happens.  In every life.  The only thing you’re guaranteed is change.

A few things we’ll be taking with us – no matter the shift:

  • our focus on God’s will for our life – and serving Him
  • our love for each other – that matured, grace-filled love we strive to model after Christ’s love
  • our shared values of Loyalty, Optimism & Discovery

These are our essentials.

What are your marriage essentials?

Over at the Happy Wives Club there’s a post I wrote about moving – and that “essentials box” that needs to travel with you in the car so it’s the first to unpack when you get to your destination…

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marriage essentials to make your marriage thrive

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