Date Night Memories. Do you take the time to date your spouse? 

Just because you’re in the middle of marriage

and things are fine

– busy and challenging –

but basically fine,

doesn’t mean your date night times together can’t be exciting and fun.

Encourage each other to have fun.

Play. Learn. Grow.

Where to go from here…

You’re here. (Wherever here is.) Maybe it’s been a while since you played together. Try it. Again. Here are some suggestions:

Date Night Memories – Play Together

  • Lori at The Generous Wife has a super list of games! Take one of those games with you and play it in a new spot: a cafe, on a bench in the park, drop in at a friend’s house & play it with them, at a museum (who says you can’t play a game at a museum or art gallery?), at the airport, in a mall food-court, at a scenic overlook… (you get the idea – don’t be dull! Have fun!)
  • my favorite internet shop – Uncommongoods – has unique games! Try Game of Phones – too cool. What’s the most unique game you’ve every played?
  • ask each other a few questions! Here’s a Pinterest board with lots of ideas. There’s no way you know everything about your spouse, no matter how long you’ve been married!
  • Gaye at Calm, Healthy and Sexy has 15 ideas that are geared toward the time between Christmas & New Year, but with a shift or two we can use them anytime in the year!

All kinds of little date night memories build a life together that’s rich and full – don’t forget the fun. A life filled with meaning needs to have moments of fun. Your marriage is a huge part of your life – build fun into your time together.

Do something new!

Don’t always default to the tried and true – put some effort into doing something new to build unique date night memories in 2017.

What have you and your spouse never done that seems like it would be fun?

Quick! List three things you’ve dreamt about, but have never done… 

1. ________________________________________

2. ________________________________________


Who do you know that’s done these three things?  Phone those people, make a time to talk with them! (If you don’t personally know someone, then use the internet as a resource. Check out Instagram using hashtags, read blog posts, etc. and introduce yourself to these people… or, if you’re hesitant, at least you’ll have silent mentors that don’t know they’re encouraging you.)

What resources do you need to do these three things? Make a list – including links. Make a budget. Decide how much you’ll need to save to make this happen, and find a big container to create a “save for..” bank. Set it in a prominent spot in your home.

date night memories savings jar

When will you do these three things? Look at your calendar. Mark the month – perhaps even the exact date when you’ll DO these!

Memories can come from sponanteous events… but you can also plan to make fun date night memories.

Ready, Set… Start now!

Need something in writing? Download a PDF to PRINT – print two, one for you and one for your spouse, and compare ideas!

making date night memories worksheet

Making Date Night Memories worksheet – Click to Download

remember the fun - making date night memories


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