When you want circumstances to change,

– start with where you’re looking –

take time to pray.

Prayer is an action.  Prayer changes things.  Prayer uplifts.

Uplifted = raised & elevated.

When you’re raised up and elevated, what happens?

You can see!

You can see clearly.  You can see over.  You can see around. You can see past.

Encouraging your spouse with prayer is like taking her or him up in an air-balloon.  

Prayer cannot remain on the ground.

Prayer is directed


to the One who can make a difference – the One who can change circumstances.

Drop to your knees and ask for help.  Intercede on behalf of your spouse.


Robert and I have a “catch phrase” for the times when we find ourselves becoming caught up in events, people’s emotions, and issues.  It’s easy to get turned around, and mired and sunk in grounded things. Things on the ground.

What’s the phrase we use? It’s “minutia” . Minutia means minor details.

And that’s what you can get caught up with if you don’t focus on prayer. Unless it’s from God’s perspective – it’s all minutia. Unless it’s “working all things for good” – it’s minutia.

Prayer raises us up – high – so God can show us His view. 

When Robert prays for me – and I can pray for him – and we pray together, then all the minutia can be identified.

How do you separate the minutia of life from God’s view of what is important?

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