To celebrate the days between our birthdays, Robert and I decided to take on a dare from over at The Happy Wives Club.  Fawn’s post included 12 ideas, and we used those as a starting point and then improvised.

(We marriage bloggers often write about ideas, and read about concepts, but putting our feet on the path our words lead us is another story…  that’s why we challenged ourselves with the 12 dates in 12 days.)

We learned a few things:

  • 12 Dates in 12 Days is exhausting…  in a good way, of course!  Fitting a “date” into every day wasn’t always easy… we had to push ourselves. I think after 30 years together, we slid into a comfortable routine. These 12 days really shook us up! (Yes, in a good way – forcing us not to be lazy.)
  • You’ve gotta have the plan in place, or you’ll never finish. Spontaneity may be fun – but if you want to complete the challenge you’ll need to plan ahead.
  • Be open to change your plan. Life shows up – the plan may need to be changed. We wanted to do a drive-in movie but it rained every night we tried… Now the Drive-In date night has been added to our Bucket List.
  • Share some dates with others – the fun just multiplies. Do stuff with others – multiply the fun. Also, we found that talking about our dates created fun conversations with everyone. 
  • S-t-r-e-t-c-h yourself. Do something new! Robert and I have never danced. (It wasn’t a part of our cultural experience growing up.) Because Rob enjoys Country Music, we decided to explore Line Dancing. We moved the table and chairs out of our dining area, and had an expanse of hardwood to stomp on… I’m glad we did it alone in our home, because we sure weren’t co-ordinated! But it was fun and got us laughing!

Our 12 Dates – A Summary in Pictures

Soup connoisseurs – became an ongoing date…

We became connoisseurs of soup:  12 Days of Soup!

We became connoisseurs of soup: 12 Days of Soup!

Why soup? Because it’s plentiful and cheap! 🙂  Every day for 12 days we experienced a new soup – here’s a list:

  • broccoli & cheese
  • 3 different versions of French Onion (only one was good)
  • Japanese seafood/vegetable
  • Chinese Wonton
  • at least 6 different tomato soups – cold and hot
  • Tortilla soup
  • 2 kinds of clam chowder
  • lentil

 Our favorite remains a tomato soup from the Durham bistro “Toast”.

More Dates:

  1. Out for Soup every day…
  2. Decluttering our Home
  3. Visiting the Durham Library
  4. Dueling Pianos – a Bucket List Item with friends
  5. Wine & Cheese
  6. Movie Night: with husband & wife team Ed Harris & Amy Madigan “Riders of the Purple Sage”
  7. Campfire with our grown kids
  8. Getting Fit: Water Aerobics
  9. Playing Games: a childhood game, Mensch ärgere Dich nicht”
  10. An Arty Afternoon at the NC Museum of Art
  11. Hands on Fun with a mutual massage…
  12. Learning to Line Dance – created our own YouTube Playlist

If you were to plan 12 dates in 12 days… what would you and your spouse include?

12 Dates in 12 Days Collage