Recently I spent time with a couple who have been married for 53 years. They still hold hands.

As I sat with them following dinner I looked over, and their hands were clasped. 53 years married, 6 children, 16 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren – and they hold hands.

What’s kept them together, holding hands, and respecting each other?

Probably lots of things, however one story stood out.

They had six small children, one income, and times were tough. He worked hard in his profession, and also served as a minister on weekends and visited church members every evening. She was responsible for things at home.

Imagine being a young mom with your husband working all day, and helping other people on the weekends and during the evenings… Yet she knew she was special and valued – despite very little time or money. How?

After visiting church members into the late evening, he would stop by a convenience store and buy a coconut covered, individual sized cake. He would present it to her.

Just her.

She called it a “ho-ho”, and I’ve since learned its name is a Hostess® Sno Ball®. It became America’s most famous pink snack cake, and celebrates 60 years as one of America’s favorite treats.

The secret.

So what really happened that she felt special? Was it the cake?

Not really.

He made the conscious decision to think about her – and took action to show it.

Notice. Take Action.

When was the last time you deliberately took action to give something to your spouse they valued – to make them feel special?

Don’t tell me you don’t have the money. Money is not required. Knowledge of your spouse is … First – understand what your spouse values – what makes them feel special.

Next, you need to take action.

Intimate Knowledge +  action = One way to encourage your spouse.

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