A kiss can be a bridge between husband and wife.

Perhaps you haven’t been intimate with your spouse in a long time, for whatever reason.  I realize this happens for some of us. And it’s painful – emotionally and physically.

There is hope. And you can still feel loved.

Try a kiss.

Just one. At first. What are you waiting for?

Begin finding a renewed intimacy with your spouse through a kiss. A simple kiss, a lingering kiss.  And don’t expect anything else. Just enjoy.

Maybe you need more encouragement?

A kiss can be a bridge between husband and wife.

Robert and I haven’t been called to write about sex in marriage, but we have online friends who write to this need from a Christian perspective. A healthy sexual intimacy between a husband and wife is so important.

Don’t procrastinate – now is a good time to renew your sexual intimacy with your spouse.

Have courage. Be encouraged. Learn and Grow.

kiss your spouse marriage and sex

Take a look at these wonderful people, who will provide valuable insights to sexual intimacy in marriage.
(Click on the title to go to their websites.)

The Forgiven Wife

For most of my marriage, I was so busy loving my kids, my colleagues, the oppressed, and myself that I forgot to be loving my husband. After 20+ years of stubbornness, selfishness, sexual gatekeeping, and discontent, I started to change how I behaved toward my husband. After action came feeling. After all the years of being a poster child for how not to be a wife, I’ve reached a deeper level of intimacy with my husband, emotionally and physically. In refusing my husband sexually, I was denying him my love.

Maybe you’re a wife who’s like I was. Maybe you know that you want to change and just don’t know how. Maybe you  know something isn’t working and have no idea what to do. Maybe you’re being told that you’re sinning and are panicking because you need to make a heart change. This blog is for you. I crawled out of the pit of sexual refusal and control and am learning to dance with desire. As I reformed my wifely self, I faced hard truths. I hurt my husband deeply. But now I am the Forgiven Wife. If you are a wife whose husband is sexually unhappy, let me walk with you for a while.

Chris will encourage you as you figure out how to take some steps to move toward improved intimacy in your own marriage. http://forgivenwife.com 

Oysterbed 7

OysterBed7 has two focuses.

One is for the wife of a hurting marriage where sex is a major source of contention.

The other focus is the wife who knows that she has a low sex drive.

Both, a hurting marriage and a low-libido wife, need to know that there is hope.

Miserable marriages and low-libidos do not have to be permanent conditions.

Bonny writes in an informative and gentle way to help marriages. Apples, ladies? 🙂  I always learn something new when I read her posts. Check out her resource: Unlock Your Libido – 52 week sex drive transformation. http://oysterbed7.com 

Hot, Holy and Humorous

My mission is to reclaim sexuality for our marriages as God intended. Thus, my tag line: Sex & Marriage by God’s Design.  I wholeheartedly believe that sex is a significant part, and perk, of a godly marriage. I want to help others experience the best sexual intimacy in their marriage they can have, and that comes through believing, pursuing, and experiencing sex as God created it to be.

J writes about sex in marriage with a tongue-in-cheek humor. She says: “It feels good (hot); it honors God (holy); and it’s playful or even funny at times (humorous). Also, I like to add my own brand of humor to posts when the subject matter allows.” http://hotholyhumorous.com

Intimacy In Marriage

The more I speak with women, the more I hear a common thread — sex is a big issue in many marriages.

I am simply a Christian wife with a heart to offer hope, encouragement and resources on this sensitive topic. I am like a lot of you, in that I juggle a full life.I am a wife, a mother, a friend, a family member…and the days seem to fly by a bit too fast. It’s crazy!

In talking with women, I soon discovered that many felt isolated in the frustrations and struggles they faced with sexual intimacy. They were hungry for a safe setting where another wife would speak compassionately and authentically… and answer their questions.

It’s a call on my heart from God to come alongside women, find ways to strengthen and nurture marriage, and shed light on the great Christian resources available.

Julie writes about sex because she treasures how tender, sacred, endearing and fun it can be. Her book, “Pursuit of Passion” was written to help you experience all the wonder, pleasure and joy that God designed your sexual intimacy to provide. http://intimacyinmarriage.com

Sex Within Marriage

The goal at Sex Within Marriage.com is to help Christian spouses in two ways: 1) to dispel the stigma often associated with talking about sex within the Christian context, and 2) to use that new freedom to discuss sex within marriage, facilitating positive change in their Christian marriage in order to further glorify God.

Jay Dee writes candidly about sex in marriage. He’s “just a guy with 14 years of marriage under his belt, who has been both in a sexless marriage and sex-every-night marriage, both with the same wife, and a passion for figuring out why things are the way they are.”  http://sexwithinmarriage.com

The Generous Husband

Being a generous husband requires being a student of your wife – knowing her, learning what blesses her, what comforts her, what turns her on, what makes her feel secure, and so much more. I will discuss all areas of marriage, and the wondrous complexities of the female mind.

Be forewarned we talk about sex from time to time. There is no nudity or profanity, but some of it is not going to get past a strict work-place filter. Most sexual posts are done on Saturday, but there are exceptions.

Paul writes about being a generous husband in all areas of marriage. He’s open and real about sex in marriage, and has been writing/blogging since 2001. He also writes at the The XY Code and The Marriage Bed.

kiss let your kids see what love looks like


Yup. That’s probably the most we’ll ever write about the area of sex in marriage. Maybe. 😉  Check out the resources above, and learn – grow – enjoy!

Sex in marriage is wonderful! It’s the 20 year warm up!

Don’t procrastinate – don’t put off having a great sexual intimacy in your marriage even one more day! It might not be easy – or quick. It’s worth it. You have an entire future ahead of you – make it count in every A kiss can be a bridge between husband and wife. Here are resources for a healthy intimate life - sex in marriage.area. Learn and Grow. NOW is the time.

  • you don’t need to know everything to do something!
  • you won’t be perfect – there’s no such thing as perfect!
  • you might make mistakes – that’s OK – fail forward!
  • try something new – start outside the bedroom!
  • too tired? Take a look at ways to rest & rejunvinate together!
  • get rid of the distractions – focus!
  • sex in your marriage is important – it has value!
  • look at your spouse with a new view: a selfless love



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