If purpose in marriage were compared to music,

then purpose would be the melody.

Melody has a direction – a beginning, middle and end. It moves. It soars or plunges and, at some point, it ends. However, there is always more than one melody we love – more than one melody we want to repeat or learn. Melody is like purpose in a marriage. There are times when a purpose comes to an end, and it’s time to find and begin a new purpose.

Think of a piece of music currently on the radio or from your childhood. Chances are it’s the melody you remember. It’ll be the melody you hum. A familiar melody can evoke emotion – the remembered joy of an experience, or the poignant memory of a time that can’t be repeated.

Purpose in your marriage is like the melody of a song. If you sing the same melody, it’ll be a testimony to your life together. And as you continue your marriage journey, you’ll begin, travel through and end a number of activities that will unite you in purpose. Those purposes will highlight the unique offerings of two souls united.

  • Sometimes melody is in a major key – that’s the joy and inspiration of the happy times – the successes.
  • Other times melody is in a minor key – that’s the sorrow and trial everyone must work through.

In life, others will hear your marriage melody and take joy in it. Maybe, as they encounter similar life challenges, they’ll try to learn your unique marriage melody and adapt it to their marriage.

In the end, all of our marriages – no matter what season they’re in – have a melody. My desire is that each spouse hums the same melody at the same time – a marriage melody on tune and in key!

Shared Melody equals shared Purpose!