The ideal person to encourage? It’s YOU!

Maybe you’ve forgotten how important you are,

as her husband – as his wife…

Who is the ideal person to encourage your spouse?

It’s not his mom.

It’s not her employer.

It’s not his buddies…

or her girl-friends.

In marriage – who is the ideal person to encourage your spouse?

You are!



You are the ideal person to give encouragement!

You’re his wife. You are her husband.


Encourage each other.

The Ideal Person To Encourage Your Spouse is YOU

What are the benefits of encouragement?

  • hope for better
  • energy to tackle more
  • perspective in the midst of confusion
  • strengthened companionship 
  • a boost in confidence
  • allows comfort
  • assures validation even before success can show up
  • spurs the desire to try again after defeat
  • solidarity in trials
  • drives growth
  • inspires optimism
  • demonstrates willingness to help
  • gives love without prerequisite
  • revitalizes through empathy
  • builds trust
  • starts conversation
  • and more…

What has encouragement done for you & your spouse?

Add to the list – leave a comment!

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