Encouragement is simple.

It’s about painting a picture of hope for your husband or wife, when the current view is dismal.

Encouragement is using your faith in God’s goodness to strengthen your spouse’s faith.

It’s loving – without condition, or prerequisite – regardless if you receive anything in return.

Encouragement is praying for – and with – your spouse, raising your voices as one… to the One who can help.

It’s about being the feet, the hands, the head, the heart – to support with action – when your husband or wife is all out of steam…

Encouragement is not about  jumping up and down while waving pom-poms.

Encouragement is Simple.

Encouragement is practical.

Encouragement is optimistic.

Encouragement is both “big picture”and practical.

101 Phrases to Encourage Your Spouse

101 Phrases to EncourageIn 2012 our son and daughter-in-love were living with us, while they went through the house-buying process. Our daughter already lived in the basement apartment, so we were five adults in one house-hold. During this time, I came up with 101 phrases to encourage – and Alex and Alisane kindly agreed to film these phrases, so everyone could hear the words out loud.

They were married two years when they made this video. And though some of the phrases seemed a bit “cheesy”, and obvioulsy they were reading them from a script, Alisane told me later that the experience gave her warm and loving feelings toward Alex.

The action of saying these scripted words, created feelings of love.

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Take a look at the video of Alex and Alisane saying 101 encouragement phrases to each other:

Start Encouraging Your Spouse Today!

Remember – encouragement is simple!

Start today with just one phrase:  
#1 - 101 Phrases to Encourage Template

The Big Picture

This phrase,  “I love you.” is special.  Perhaps you’ve forgotten?

There are husbands and wives who use this phrase

 in ways which give it as much importance

as a disposable tissue.

saying "I love you" like you'd use a tissue.

And other couples never use the phrase, “I love you.”

Never says "I Love You"

Here’s the Big Picture behind the number 1 way to encourage your wife or husband:

Remember how important that moment in time was, when you first said “I love you.” to your spouse?

It wasn’t casual,

it wasn’t cursory,

it wasn’t contrived…

Telling your sweetheart that you loved her – or him – was a turning point.

It had significance. 


Make these three words hold the significance they had in the beginning of your relationship.

Encourage your spouse by demonstrating your love – without prerequisite, and without wanting anything in return.

The Practical

In case you need some practical ideas on how to make the words, “I love you.” significant…

  • create a moment where it’s just the two of you (quiet is good)
  • look into your spouse’s eyes
  • smile – nicely – and if that feels fake, then be warmly serious
  • hold her/his hands
  • speak the words, “I love you.”  clearly and with warmth
  • and if your spouse asks if there’s something you want… tell him/her you want nothing… at all. (And make sure it’s true, huh?)
  • and if your spouse wonders why you’re doing this right now, tell her/him you’ve been thinking about when you first said these words.
  • If you’re traveling or deployed –  miles apart from your spouse – use technology (Skype, Google Hangout or Facetime). If you don’t know how to use those platforms, then ask a teenager to set you up.  🙂

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(slightly modified from the video above – because some of them were quite cheesy. 😉  )

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PS – about Alex and Alisane

Our son and daughter-in-love will be married 5 years is October. Recently they made another video together to tell everyone about their next adventure…

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PPS – from Christmas 2016!

Alex & Alisane are now married 6+ years, and our Grandboy is ONE! 🙂

Christmas 2016