Trust. Where does trust play a part in your life’s story? In your marriage?

Trust means having faith and confidence in a person or plan; allow without fear.

Here’s a story of an amazing couple who embraced this powerful value of Trust:

A young man. A young woman. Engaged.

We don’t know much about the birth of either the man or the woman. We don’t know exactly when either one died. We do know he had royal blood and was a direct descendant of a great king. However, he was poor and had little to his name. She was a lovely young lady, younger than him.

Clearly, something special existed between them. So they got engaged, looking forward to a normal, happy life together.

That was not to be.

She got pregnant before they got married. And he wasn’t the father.

He wanted to break off the engagement, but was encouraged to move forward anyway, and marry her. His job was to care for her and love her. So he did.

They were forced to leave town. She had the child – a boy – in the most unpleasant of circumstances. No friends. No family. Just each other.

So they moved on with their lives – together.

The family grew, with more children. There were four more boys and at least two girls. The parents loved their children and did their best to provide for them.

The father taught his trade to his oldest son. But this boy had a burning desire to do other things. This same child, that caused them so much strife in the early years, would go on to do great things. Amazing things.

But then this son was killed.

He was wrongly accused and put to death.

Because of this child, everything about their life was difficult.

And yet, through all circumstances, they trusted.

In God.

The father was Joseph. The mother was Mary.

They named their oldest son Jesus.

Serving in Trust

Everything about the lives of Joseph and Mary was to serve a higher purpose. As their life unfolded, I imagine they realized this.

But knowing and trusting in God didn’t make circumstances easier. And, I imagine there were many times when they couldn’t understand the ‘why’ behind everything until later. Much later.

They were human, like you and me. They made mistakes.

They did some good things. Most importantly they fulfilled their purpose.

So what about you?

Do you know your God-given purpose? Are you waiting for an angel to come and tell you? Good news.

Thanks to Joseph and Mary, who fulfilled their purpose, our purpose has been made clear. Follow in the footsteps of Christ. Live a life based on what Jesus taught. And live with a trust in God. Like Joseph and Mary.

How to Lean on the Value of Trust - Live a life based on what Jesus taught. And live with a trust in God.

Trust in God. Lean on Him.

The impact of incorporating a trust in God will be greater than you ever imagined. And so will be your reward.

For those interested, here are some scripture references to highlight the amazing trust of Joseph and Mary: Mathew 1:18-25; 2:13-23; Mark 6:3; Luke 1:28,31-32; 2:1-7; 2:40-51; Acts 1:14

Lean on the Value of Trust

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