Sex in Marriage

Resources and Blogs to improve your intimacy.

Sex is important in marriage.

We don’t write on the topic of sex in marriage, here on Encourage Your Spouse. (To date, we haven’t felt called to that part of marriage ministry.) However, we do believe sex is important in a healthy, strong marriage. It definitely is encouraging to feel desired and wanted by your spouse.

Below You’ll Find Blogs & Resources We Recommend

To support our belief that sex is important in marriage, we’ve gathered links to Christian Marriage blogs, and resources, which cover topics to enhance and improve the sexual part of your marriage. We’ve read these blogs and resources – and we feel all of them support a healthy marriage. (contains affiliate links)

Hot, Holy & Humorous

J. Parker writes primarily for Christian wives, with thoughts for the husbands who also read her posts.


The Forgiven Wife

Chris will encourage you as you figure out how to take some steps to move toward improved intimacy in your own marriage.


Bonnie writes for women in marriage who (1) with low sex drive & (2) are in a marriage where sex is a major source of contention.Check out her resource: Unlock Your Libido – 52 week sex drive transformation

The Marriage Bed

Join the TMB forum. A safe place for Christians to talk about sex.

Intimacy in Marriage

Julie writes about sex because she treasures how tender, sacred, endearing and fun it can be.

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