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The 5 Ways to Encourage Your Spouse

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How to Encourage?

Encouragement is much more than “rah-rah”! 

The word encourage has another word embedded within it – courage.

To give encouragement is to fill with courage.

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What ingredients are needed to give courage to your spouse?  There are five:

  • Hope – for a good future, an optimistic outlook & insights
  • Faith – and a strong belief in God and His goodness
  • Love – unconditional validation of strengths without prerequisites
  • Prayer – quiet private prayer, and prayer as a couple
  • Action – the movement, the ‘doing’ , the activity, adding the extra

Hope Faith Love Prayer Action - The five ways to Encourage Your Spouse·


To inspire with Hope

Inspiring with hope begins with your belief that it’s possible to build an incredible future together.   Then it’s focusing on and sharing a positive vision for that future with your spouse. And this HOPE begins with knowing your shared values as a couple…

Inspire with HOPE – possible & positive!

You are ready to provide new ideas and information to energize your life as a couple.  Your spouse can count on you to actively seek solutions and suggest avenues to make life the best it can be.

Speak Hope to the Heart sm

To Fortify with Faith

To fortify with Faith – means you contribute strength to your spouse’s belief in God.  You know the Bible.  You are a Christ follower.

You follow Christ.

You live your life in a way which pleases God.  It’s not about quoting scripture, but rather being a living testimony of faith.

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To Foster with Love

To foster with love means you demonstrate creatively how love, without limitation, or prerequisites weaves your life together.

To foster with LOVE means you know who and whose your spouse is!

You know their needs and fears and you meet your spouse exactly where he or she is, at this moment in time, with a Christ-like, gentle heart. You also know your spouse’s joys and what motivates them, and you celebrate all that is good for her/him and in her/him.

To encourage with LOVE means you value your spouse as the person God made them to be.

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To uplift with Prayer

To uplift with prayer means you will pray for –  and with –  your spouse, releasing everything into God’s care.

Your spouse knows you take your concerns to God to answer, and he or she won’t bear the burden of being expected to solve all the problems in your life together. Your spouse knows you rely on God.

Your spouse is secure in the knowledge you pray for her/him.

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To Support with Action

To support with Action means you are there to add your energy and experience in real life situations.  You pitch in to make things happen. You may not be up front and center, but you’re there – actively supporting.

You are united with your spouse in effort and desire.

You’re working in tandem, united in the goal. Your spouse is never left standing alone.

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What can each of these 5 actions provide for you – the encourager?

How to Encourage Your Spouse Hope Faith Love Prayer ActionIf you inspire your spouse with hope for a great future together, it’ll influence your future too. Two people in a marriage relationship spend their life together –every joy, sorrow, accomplishment and failure will affect the other.   Wouldn’t it be great to share a vision, a hope for a wonderful future?

Fortifying your spouse with Faith in God will have a direct affect on your faith. To strengthen someone else, first you must be strong.  Studying and using the Word of God to build a firm foundation of strength is the first and best way to build up your own strength.

Love is essential in every marriage.  It’s easy to love your spouse – at first – but as years go by, the tensions in life, the everyday sameness, and the inevitable change time brings, wears down that first love.

Learning to show unconditional, limitless love first comes from knowing God’s love, and then from using that knowledge and applying it to you spouse.  Fostering your spouse with unconditional love, without prerequisites, is an action that makes marriage rewarding – it weaves two people together till they’re one. One-Flesh.

Uplifting your spouse with persistent prayer will bring a sense of relief.  It’ll bring a feeling of release from the worries in life.  Prayer will bring you close to God and clarify all your thoughts. Prayer doesn’t need to be filled with fancy words, however, it needs a strong, clear and deep connection to the One who can solve everything. What happens when you spend time on your knees – for your spouse? Your connection with God grows. It develops. You become a prayer warrior.

Couples that support each other have changed their world.  They’ve created amazing marriage blueprints, set goals and then worked till their vision became reality. By supporting your spouse with action, you will be leading your life with meaning.

Husbands & Wives Leading Meaningful Lives

That’s the goal – the mission – of Encourage Your Spouse!

encourage your spouse

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Encouragement Notes
... be encouraged and become an encourager!

Receive notes of encouragement - ideas to strengthen your marriage and enrich your life.

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