My big, hairy audacious goal in life is to bring honor (back) to the role of husband and wife – to acknowledge and honor marriage, and being married. 

The stories and posts below encourage me so much – and they show me that others are also passionate about a meaning-filled marriage!

  • Steve and Cindy Wright – this couple heads up Marriage Missions International.  Cindy tells her story about how the “happily-ever-after” in her marriage transitioned to the “D” word, and then was re-formed by the suggestion of a friend.  Love all their resources/articles.
  • Gail & Mike Hyatt – a few years ago on Valentines Day, Michael Hyatt (chairman of Thomas Nelson Publishing) wrote a blog post honoring his wife.  What I love about my wife.   Then – Gail responded – A Super-Human Husband  He’s really good at tweeting about spending time with his wife, and honoring her role in his life.  She does the same.
  • Jeff & Cheryl Scruggs – I Do Again – this couple started marriage as ‘the perfect couple’ and then went through betrayal, infidelity and divorce, emotional damage and scarring, forgiveness, restoration, trust, and then re-marriage… to each other.  Watch their video too.
  • Debi & Tom Walter –  hosts of The Romantic Vineyard website – providing ideas and affirmations to make marriages grow.  I love their romantic ideas and plan on visiting some of their suggested places in August when Robert and I visit Orlando. 
  • Brett and Kellie Hurst – of Home Encouragement.  Their goal is to help Houston marriages become important again to families.  I love the idea of their once a month dinner with couples!

Most times we honor our husband or wife a little less publicly.  These are just 5 examples of great couples who are a little more public about their marriages/marriage missions.

It is possible to have a great marriage.  Really.

How has your husband or wife honored you and your marriage?